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Case study

Overmach experiences 20% increase in sales team’s efficiency after implementing Resco Mobile Sales

20% increase in efficiency


Easy access to real-time data


Outstanding customer support


About Overmach S.p.A.

Overmach, founded in 1978, is the Italian reseller of CNC turning and milling machines for international brands. A leader in the Italian market, Overmach has several branches across Italy and is headquartered in Parma.

The company employs more than 300 people and with its outstanding technical expertise it serves as a key reference point for all metalworking companies operating in Italy.

Business Challenge

To improve Overmach sales team’s workflows and efficiency, the company was looking for a mobile solution that can be fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. A solution that allowed Area Managers and Local Agents to access and update data anytime, anywhere. The key requirement to further streamline day-to-day operations was an app that worked offline just as well as it did online.

Microsoft’s stock mobile application they were using before didn’t fit the needs of the sales team working in the field. The structure of the entities and the layout weren’t intuitive. Thus, some of the business data was still shared via emails, which often led to a loss of essential details. As a result, sales reps had difficulties when checking and examining information in the CRM systems.


After thorough research of mobile solutions available on the market, Overmach chose Resco Mobile Sales. Since implementing the app, sales reps have all the necessary information at their fingertips, even when they are out in the field with no internet connection.

Resco’s app is the most intuitive application and provided the easiest connection with our Microsoft Dynamics 365. The ability to effortlessly add custom entities, its layout, and the offline mode grants us access to every information with just a few clicks. Using the Resco app, the sales team now has access to every information concerning products, sales opportunities, customers, and our install base. We couldn’t achieve the same fit and results with the Microsoft app, said Laura Bevilacqua, Digital Marketing Specialist and CRM Coordinator at Overmach.


Effective information sharing

Overmach were able to effortlessly customize Resco’s out-of-the-box app to ensure it fits their company needs as much as possible.

The app is very easy to use and customize. We have created several custom entities. We also added business rules to enable easy access to all the details regarding products, accounts, and opportunities. Our sales network can update information concerning accounts and consulting opportunities. And at our headquarters we can verify every update in real-time.

Now Area Managers can immediately check everything in the field without relying on support from the back office. Similarly, the Sales team can add data and update the customer database directly without having to contact the back-office team. The time saved via streamlining these processes resulted in a 20% increase in operations efficiency.

A scalable solution that matches the company needs

The fact that the app can be directly customized in Woodford, Resco’s configuration tool, even without coding skills, was another big advantage for the company. As proof of their satisfaction, Overmach recently expanded the app’s use to additional branches of the company, such as OSL S.r.l. Now Resco helps also OSL’s sales teams in the field with effectively sharing customer information and cross-selling.

Industry-leading customer support

We are very pleased with Resco’s customer support. Even though we are end-users, we receive the required technical information and prompt replies from the Support team every time. We were also pleasantly surprised about how many things are happening around the product, such as webinars, regular updates, and improvements. There is a great community around ensuring the solution and technology keep moving forward in the right direction, Laura Bevilacqua, Digital Marketing Specialist and CRM Coordinator at Overmach, concluded.


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