Young developers unleash their talents at first Resco MADhack

What is this MADhack you ask? It is a Mobile Application Development Hackathon we organized at the end of November in Bratislava. In a day and a half, talented programmers were working either on their own ideas or teamed up with others on a common project. Guided by Resco’s experienced developers, who shared their insights and expertise via one-on-one consultations, workshops, and lectures.
50 attendees were divided into 12 teams and started developing their projects. They had a chance to improve their skills, experience the collaboration process within a team, get advice from skilled mobile app development professionals and learn about the various aspects of mobile development. At the end, each team presented its project and it was up to the attendees themselves to choose the best projects.
The highest number of votes received a project called Lampiris – an application that enables people to measure the intensity of light. It could be used by citizens to report insufficient lighting of public spaces, by inspectors checking these issues, or for example by buyers who want to know if their future apartment is bright enough.
Favorably received was also an app that allows you to turn on a coffee machine remotely, so a fresh cup can be waiting for you by the time you get out of bed in the morning. The third place took a project called Automat – an Android development library that recognizes frequently used pieces of code and automatically inserts them into the project.
Most of the participants were university and college students, but there were also some high school students and IT professionals attending the event. They showcased their creativity and worked on a wide range of projects – from technical ones to solutions that anyone could utilize in our day-to-day lives. We’re very happy that, with this event, we could share our insights and further raise the interest in mobile development among the local IT community,” concluded Resco’s Solution Architect Miro Pomsar.
And this is how it looked like at the very first Resco MADhack:

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