You know what really grinds my gears?

I am a Nokia Lumia, slash Windows Phone 7.8, user. Which is both, awesome and awful.

Why is my phone fantastic?

I am in love with the tile design; it looks super neat. It’s a simple, pretty style that really works for me and for lot of others. One of my colleagues constantly keeps playing with my phone, admiring it in silence & envy.
Interacting with it works pretty well; it’s responsive, intuitive & has no issues I can pick on. Not much to say here.
But the best part of it all – the hardware! Oh, how I love this sturdy, dare I say invincible, phone. It fell on the ground so many times, once even from the 4th floor from my balcony! (Note: all accidents of course!), and managed to come out of it with no scratches, not dents, and no cracks. It was fully functional, even still on, like nothing ever happened. Needless to say, this is a phone that is clearly able to survive even the most reckless users, like me.
Nokia Lumia 800
That said, let’s get to the flaws.

Why I (sometimes) hate it?

The battery sucks. I still remember the good old days (I know I sound old and grumpy – I can assure you I am not), in which my phone used to last for few days straight. That’s not the case anymore. And I am not even using it that heavily. No Instagram pictures of my food, no constant chitchats with my mom over the phone, no regular weather/mood updates as my Facebook status. Still I have to think about feeding this little attention seeking child every day.
Ringtones. Unimportant for some, for me they matter. Not that I cannot assign custom song as my ringtone, but the procedure of doing so is way too cumbersome. Using mp3 cutter, then the dreaded Zune…. such a pity.  A minor change that should be simple, yet it isn’t. I was lucky enough to find an app that simplifies this painful procedure, but I have until now not figured out how to set up a tone for my alarm. That’s why I have to wake up to a generic & annoying beep-beep, instead of Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black.
And the most annoying handicap – I cannot get the apps I want. I already lost track of how many times I got offered a flier, received a newsletter, or saw an ad, in which an app was advertised. And if the promotion was successful – making me want to install the app, it failed big time anyway. Most of the apps are simply not available on Windows platform. Sure, I have few basic ones, but while others are enjoying all sorts of apps, I am stuck with a very limited selection. A huge disappointment! It’s almost as if businesses are telling me: “You’re not important. We are concentrating on the majority, why should we invest in you? So deal with it.”
This was a brief summary of the love-hate relationship I have with my phone. Just in case you are wondering, it was not supposed to serve as advertising, nor as any sort of review. I am just simply expressing my state of mind. You might agree or disagree with me. Either way, it’s fine.

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