Woodford Tool

Resco Mobile CRM is mostly known as a developer platform requesting deep programming skills to perform customizations of the mobile app. The time is changing and so does Resco solution.
Not only is it a complex developer platform. It is a packaged solution you can configure with an easy-to-use configurator called Woodford. This tool has a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011-like UX, which is so easy to get familiar with. You can configure and customize the app, e.g. add custom entities, modify UI, define multiple views, create filters, sync filters, redesign the dashboards, maps, support multiple CRM roles and many more. The deployment of customizations is super simple; the mobile app detects a new customization that was published by Woodford and applies the changes right after the synchronization.
This is Woodford at your service—try it now.
Check how to redesign a dashboard:
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