Winter Update 2021 Preview: New capabilities to power up your field operation and knowledge management

screenshots of resco houston, inspections, and field service apps

While Resco’s Winter Update 2021 is still a month away, we will allow you to have a little sneak peek right now. Check out the exciting additions we have in the works and what you might see during the new release.

Resco for Dynamics 365 CE – better route planning, smooth paper-to-questionnaire conversion

As part of the Winter Update, we are planning to introduce brand new features for Routes AI. Users who regularly repeat the same route won’t have to enter each appointment into Route Planner manually.

resco winter update 2021 preview with screenshots of resco houston, inspections, and field service solutions

Instead, they should be able to save their routes as templates. Later, the field techs will be able to save time by choosing one of these templates when they decide to retake saved route.

resco winter update 2021 preview with screenshots of resco houston, inspections, and field service solutions

Currently, when planning their day, users can only add one appointment at a time. We are planning to add the option for users to add multiple appointments in both Route Planner and Calendar.

resco winter update 2021 preview with screenshots of resco houston, inspections, and field service solutions

We are also preparing new functionalities for Resco Inspections. Thanks to configurable buttons, users will be able to configure report buttons to run specific commands, which will improve usability.

In addition, we have something for customers who often create Inspections questionnaires from paper documents. From now on, they will have the possibility to simply upload their existing forms. 

The only thing customers have to do is scan their paper documents and Resco will take care of the restWe will digitalize and transform them into questionnaires without the menial work of rewriting questions into our designer tool. Field users will be able to access and work with them on their mobile devices much sooner and with less effort needed. 

resco.FieldService – Quick asset find, smooth user experience

Last month we launched the resco.FieldService solution with many powerful capabilities. Now, get a glimpse of what will come next.

One of the future innovations will help managers and technicians reduce time to find an asset on-site. Imagine a field tech coming to repair an assembly line machine to the big factory. While he knows the site’s location, the asset’s exact position is often buried in notes or is not specified at all.

With the new functionality in the making, managers will be able to precisely define the asset’s location. This will make it much easier for technicians to find the asset and save them a lot of time.

Improvements in the management of field technicians and engineers are also upcoming. From the last release, managers and dispatchers can define different working hours for every single resource.

It makes the scheduling of work orders more convenient and precise. With the new release, dispatchers will be able to use a revamped designer for even smoother working hours editing, making their work easier once again.

New enhancements are also in development for schedule board or hierarchy trees, , smoothing out the user experience and simplifying the solution’s operation.

resco.Guides – New capabilities to upgrade your work instructions

For the winter release, we want to make sure you will be getting the most out of your work instructions. As we all know, plain text or stable images can be hard to comprehend in challenging conditions.

Which is why we are planning to enhance the options of digital media formats in resco.Guides. Workers will be able to add short videos to the guides editor, which is especially helpful when describing a dynamic activity or a movement.

resco winter update 2021 preview with screenshots of resco houston, inspections, and field service solutions

In the finished guide, videos will auto-play on scroll to make the access to expertise even easier.

Another new feature will be adding and collecting guides’ feedback. Technicians in the field will be prompted to rate the guide and state whether it helped them solve an issue completely, partially, or not at all.

resco winter update 2021 preview with screenshots of resco houston, inspections, and field service solutions

Based on the results, the Knowledge Manager will know when to update or improve instructions and keep them relevant.

resco.ServicePlatform – details unveiling at resco.NEXT 2021

Big news is coming related to the powerful technology behind all our products – resco.ServicePlatform. There will be a lot to explore.

The unveiling will take place at resco.NEXT 2021 Virtual on November 18, available for free.

All the news will be presented by Resco experts, including Product Manager Michal Magnusek, or Business Development Leader Michal Kubala.

Want to experience Resco Winter Update early?

We’re developing these and many other great upgrades for the upcoming releases – and we’d like you to see them first.

Join our exclusive beta-testing community and you’ll always get the first look at each new Resco capabilities before it’s offered to the general public. You’ll be able to try out new features, tell us what works the best for you, and suggest where we can improve.

The first beta of the Winter Update will land in November. If you sign up for beta testing (or have already signed up in the past), you will receive an email notification immediately after it becomes available.

Also, register for resco.NEXT 2021 Virtual, where you will learn more details about all the product news and capabilities directly from Resco experts. Sign up even if you can’t make it on November 18, as we will send you the on-demand version you can watch at a time convenient for you.

Please note that the features and images above are development previews and can be subject to change in the final product release.