Why should you test the beta versions of Resco’s major updates?

A mockup of 3 devices shocasing Schedule Board filtering, Guides in Dynamics environment, and Guides in mobile Inspections form

We’ve all been there: You install a new update of your favorite app and after launch you realize that some things have changed. Maybe they’ve just refreshed the button colors. But they also could have moved the button somewhere else or modified how it works altogether.

That’s why public beta testing exists – users can try a solution before its official release and provide feedback in case something  isn’t working as it’s supposed to or expected.

And we’re inviting customers & partners to join Resco’s beta testing program, offering beta versions before each quarterly update.

Why should you join?

Beta testing will help you identify a problem before it becomes one.

Before each official release (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Update), we strongly recommend to test the beta and verify that the new version works well within your environment.

We want to help you avoid any issues a new update might cause to you. This is particularly beneficial for those who have a very heavy customization in place or peculiar settings on the server side.

How does it work?

We are providing iOS, Android and Windows beta versions of the application prior to the release (usually about two weeks before the final release of the app).

After we receive your feedback, we will start working on fixes (if any issues occur) and incorporate them into the application that will be released in the end.

How to get your beta?


Using our Resco Support portal, create a new “Ask a question” request. Include the email address associated with your Apple ID, so we can add you to our TestFlight beta testing list.

You will automatically receive a TestFlight email notification about new releases. If you have already requested pre-release access in the past, you don’t need to contact us with each new update.


If you are interested to test the app on Android, you can join our public beta testing program at: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.resco.mobilecrm

Windows Store (Windows 10)

Download the app here.

You will need to enable your device for development; see Microsoft instructions. We recommend uninstalling your current Resco Windows Store app before installing the beta.

Alternatively, use the Resco Support portal and ask for beta access. Include your Microsoft account email address.

We will add you to our Package Flight testing group and you will receive email notifications about each new public pre-release.

If you have already requested a pre-release of the Windows Store version in the past, you don’t need to contact us with each new update.

Windows 7 or newer

If you’d like to test the app on Windows desktop, you can download it from this link.

Looking forward to your observations & impressions 🙂