Why is Smarketing the Best Lead Generation Idea?

Sales + Marketing = Smarketing

Hubspot refers to Smarketing as “the alignment between sales and marketing teams.”  
In an ideal world, sales and marketing teams would be working together, have aligned strategies & goals; and their processes would be built with the other team in mind.
Are the teams in your company synchronized?
The main issue both teams tend to struggle with, are LEADS. When can we talk about the sales-ready lead, what makes a lead qualified? The marketers and sales reps have very similar questions, but the answers are as different as chalk and cheese.
Clearly, marketers are the ones attracting and nurturing the leads with targeted content, thereupon, the role of sales guys is to convert those prospects into real customers.

What happens when the Sales and Marketing teams are not on the same page?

To increase the revenue – is the goal for the both teams. To execute this goal, the teams need to meet up all together; and have the same idea of what it means for a lead to be properly qualified. I will illustrate a case of what a qualified or ‘sales-ready’ lead can look like.
Let’s say, your company lately brought interest and focus into the Australian market; and is looking for users with a specific need (e.g. mobility). You want to make sure to target the right clients with the proper content, so you create an e-book that satisfies the discussed need (it’s comprised of full-valued information about mobility). Last, but not least; your priority is a client/a company with over 200 employees that would bring you a satisfying ROI.
Example of a sales-ready lead that both teams can agree on:

  • A contact who downloaded your eBook, comes from a company with 200+ employees, and is based in Australia
  • A contact in the land down and requested a demo or a trial (perhaps even after reading your eBook)
  • A contact whose role in the company is a decision maker (Directors & higher!)

Face the Myth: Sales and Marketing teams aren’t supposed to mix

This is an old-fashioned mindset that can stand in a way to a powerful lead generation.  You need to know, step by step; how to cut down the barrier between sales and marketing.
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Still need more convincing as to why your Marketing and Sales teams should sync up today?
We keep pushing the importance of a Customer and Company Relationship. That should still be your no.1 priority. Just remember, Sales and Marketing are two divisions, working towards the same goal.

“You simply can’t sell anything, if you don’t market anything – and if you have nothing to market, you can’t sell. They work hand-in-hand, one without the other is an end to itself. The most difficult aspect in marketing is understanding why consumers make decisions. Who, what, where, and how consumers are triggered are what make both teams work synergistically together in reaching the ultimate goal – for the consumer to see & purchase ( a see & sell, if you will),” explains Agnes Valkova, Marketing Manager at Resco.

Thinking of implementing Smarketing into your business? Let us know at mobilecrm@resco.net  to help you out, or visit Hubspot to learn about the endless potential of Smarketing Strategy.

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