5 reasons why customers return to resco.next

resco.next is not a “one-hit wonder.“ Attendees, including customers do not come & go. They come and they come back next year.
Topics tied to enterprise mobility and relaxed atmosphere. That’s “next“. With each year, you are in for an equally fine experience, but with every edition, you bring home a unique value & memories. The prospects return, as well. However as new customers.
Did you know?
85% of prospects who attended one of the previous resco.next editions have become customers after visiting the event.
What drives them all back to .next?
Here are 5 main reasons to attend the 5th edition of the event for a customer:

Hear other customers & understand the most innovative uses of mobility

With every product or service you buy, it is always essential to see how other customers use it. At resco.next in Rome, you can meet and talk to business or tech guys that might have a very similar (or completely different) experience with Resco’s technology like you. Whether you share the same industry or use case – this might be your chance to explore the hidden gems of mobility, you had no idea even existed. You will get to hear the most successful and innovative business scenarios, on stage, at the panel discussion, at one-on-ones.

A place where all your questions & topics of interest are covered

Our team joined and sponsored more than 30 conferences so far in 2019. We hosted 10 mobility trainings & webinars. At such occasions, you get an opportunity to meet a couple of Resco’s mobility experts. However, resco.next as a full-fledged conference is the only place where you can have chat and exchange ideas with more than 30 Resco people across all teams. It is the best time throughout the whole year when you can grab a beer with support managers and find out when & how to approach them for the fastest answer. Talk licensing with your account manager or productivity tips with a product team. Overall, here you’ll get an understanding of the Resco products and how valuable they have been to a business community quickly coming to grips with digital transformation.

Understand digital transformation & innovative technologies like smartwatches or AI, VR

Are you on the edge whether to join us, because you had already visited last year? When it comes to enterprise mobility, everything evolves fast. Innovations & mobility in business go hand-in-hand. Smartwatches are mobile devices of the 21st century. Why not use them to simplify your fieldwork? All 25 sessions hosted by Resco & external speakers have one goal in common – they should leave you with a clear vision about what you will do next with your solution based on Resco. Who knows, maybe you will re-think the entire approach to mobile devices – going from mobile-first to wearables-first strategy once the conference is over.

Explore the hottest tech news & help shape the roadmap first-hand

If you don’t follow the latest trends, competition might eat you up in the blink of an eye. At Resco, we release a new update to our apps 4 times a year. With each release, every idea for a new feature that enriches Resco grows out of:
The customer feedback – note that the vast majority of feedback we receive throughout the year originates at resco.next. However, any feedback is always in place and appreciated. Drop us a line, share your thoughts on further product development via a phone call.
The latest technology trends – Research, competition, conferences, influencers we talk to. This is where we get inspired regarding the world of mobile technologies. And this is what reflects on the evolution of Resco’s mobility as well.

This year is the biggest in terms of surprises

Will there be a special announcement?
Or a special reward for your contribution to Resco’s community and technology? Come ‘n see.

Last but not least, it is all about fun. Familiar faces, good food, stunning reception party, premium whiskey tasting, inspirational run led by Ivan Stano. All under one roof, in the eternal city of Rome.
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