Why can’t you purchase Resco Mobile CRM with one-time payment?

If you examine the pricing of Resco Mobile CRM, you might notice the purchase option costs $299 and comes with a annual maintenance fee on top of that.

The maintenance fee (which is 20% of the purchase price) is charged annually, starting on the 1st year anniversary of the purchase. It covers all updates of the product as well as technical support for it.

We are wondering if the second year (60$) is only necessary if updates are wished and if we could disclaim on it and normal continue with the first year license. I mean if there is no blocker after the first year without paying again, so we could use it always without limitation.”

The maintenance fee cannot be disclaimed.

All updates of Resco Mobile CRM app are automatic, meaning the app gets updated on the store and users can either tap the update button or do nothing provided they checked the ‘update automatically’ option.

It’s the same with Woodford; a system admin is notified about new available update once he/she starts the software and one click gets it updated.

Each update is therefore automatically available to all Resco Mobile CRM users.


Why isn’t there an option that would allow infinite usage of the application?

1. The maintenance fee guarantees regular updates that contain repairs and enhancements of Resco Mobile CRM

This can be broken down into 3 parts:

  • new features: Resco creates new features like no one.
    Just last year we have released cool things like the new design of the app, option to run reports, SharePoint integration, color themes, calendar sharing… what would a great mobile CRM be without constant improvements that aim to help people.
  • repairs: Sometimes things don’t work as expected.
    It can be because something has changed on the mobile platform, server side or the client is not performing in real world the same way as in Resco’s lab. Whatever it is, bug fixes are hereby ensured.
  • support for new OS and Dynamics CRM versions: Things change, the app needs to change too.
    Mobile devices get new OS updates and often we don’t even notice (apart from clicking on ‘update now’ button to get rid of the annoying notification). Are you now running iOS8 or Android Lollipop? Planning to switch to Dynamics CRM 2015? Many people are. And they expect their app to work on them no matter what.


2. The maintenance fee covers technical support of the solution

Whether it’s the system admin who needs help updating customizations or it’s the users who have an incorrect time set on their phone and their app crashes as a result, these are the things customers want Resco’s answer to. And they’ll get it. Each and every time.


3. The maintenance fee secures long-term investments

We have customers coming to us, who were previously using a different mobile CRM client. Their problem? Many times they are disappointed the development of the product has stopped, making their current solution outdated and their initial investment practically worthless. Sure they got some use of the product, but not nearly as much as anticipated.

Well, with Resco, they can be sure to go for a reliable partner who is going to be here years and years to come thanks to a steadily growing base of long-term customers.

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