Why App Store sucks

App Store is currently offering somewhat around 425,000 applications. More than 250,000 applications are available for Android. Microsoft’s Windows Phone is lacking behind Apple and Google with only 29,000 apps. Apple is still a clear winner with the amount of applications available for its iOS platform.  But let’s face the truth now: Most of these applications are really awful. I would say that at least 90% applications listed on App Store are pure garbage. Either they don’t work at all, they don’t solve any problem of the user or they totally lack friendly navigation. The Amount of applications (425,000) listed on App Store is also a bit misleading since a new version of an app that solves a bug for instance is counted as another app for iOS. One application with more releases and versions thus can account for plenty of apps in the App Store. Potential customers should bear in mind this fact since a lot of them decide to buy the iPhones due to the amount of applications available for iOS.

Let’s get back to the applications on App Store. Don’t get me wrong. There are still plenty of useful apps. The problem is the feedback and ratings. I see lots of totally crappy apps such as “lighter”, frequently used to entertain fellow drunken friends in bar, with 5 star rating. On the other hand, simply marvelous apps get a rating of 1 to 3 stars. Even negative rating is great and useful. The developers need critical rating and feedback to improve their apps but the feedbacks on App Store simply don’t exist. Many times user rates according to their first experience or current mood. Such ratings and feedback will scar your app’s profitability. What’s even worse you cannot learn anything useful from it.
I believe that App Store is one of the problems that will bring the Apple’s downsize of its market share.

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