18th November, 2021

Why 1000 customers chose Resco

Resco Mobile CRM has reached an important milestone – the 1000th corporate customer. So it’s time for a brief summary about who our customers are, what mobile users they typically have and why they chose Resco Mobile CRM instead of other options.

Who are Resco Mobile CRM customers?

Our Mobile CRM customers vary from small, locally operated businesses with only a few mobile workers through midsize companies having tens or hundreds of mobile users to large international corporations with worldwide operations having thousands of mobile users.
1000 is a great number in the Mobile CRM industry. And our customer list includes some well-known brands.
We decided to investigate why they decided for Resco.

Why did companies choose Resco?

Thanks to many calls and personal meetings we had at the events we attended (including the conference we organized in Vienna and recently in Boston MA), we received loads of great feedback. And we got a simple answer for the above question.

“Our customers chose Resco because we do mobility seriously.”

The main attribute of all 1000 customers is that their users are real mobile professionals. They spend most of their time on the move, performing sales/service professional services. They start using Mobile CRM app early in the morning and close it late afternoon when work is over. They cannot deal with app issues, wait for an Internet connection, or waste time because of slow app performance. They need a tool that does exactly what they need it to do. Anywhere, anytime and immediately with or without the Internet.
Our customers realize that they need a professional Mobile CRM solution which has been designed and developed to be the main tool for a mobile user. And most of their users now use Resco Mobile CRM as a preferred or even the only tool for accessing corporate CRM data.
On the other side, they also realize that simple mobile apps developed mainly for the purpose of having the “mobile access” checkbox ticked in the CRM features list, are not the way to go and they are just a waste of time.
Thank you our 1000 customers for your support. We’ll keep doing real professional Mobile CRM work for you.

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