Who are the winners of Resco Partner Awards 2021?

resco partner awards winners from resco.next 2021 Virtual, fieldboss, key2act, redkite crm

Success isn’t just about the numbers.

It’s also about relationships.

The ones we have with our partners, and just as much their relationships with their customers.

It’s that time of the year again when we get to write about the partners who demonstrated strong business practices, a customer-centric approach, and excellence in implementing solutions built on Resco technology.

Who are this year’s winners, and what makes them special? Let’s take a look!

resco partner awards partner of the year award key2act

Partner of the Year is the most prestigious award recognizing Resco’s top global partner, considering the number and size of successfully implemented Resco projects. It also places high emphasis on customer retention and satisfaction.

Key2Act was last year’s finalist and this year’s winner. The company is known for being an innovator in the building intelligence, field service, and construction management markets.

Their success didn’t come overnight. But after 600+ customer implementations and 8+ years of Resco experience, their win is no surprise.

Key2Act is also one of the Resco partners that organizes its own conference – Synergy. It’s designed to help their customers learn how to get the most out of their solutions. We’re hoping the situation will allow us to visit the conference again. Meeting with our top global partner in sunny Orlando, Florida – who can say no to that?

Their win brought them a special prize – a RealWear HMT-1 device. It’s the world’s first hands-free Android headset for industrial workers. And together with resco.Inspections, users can complete voice-controlled inspections, opening up a range of new scenarios in digitalization in field service.

We already know that the developers at Key2Act cannot wait to get their hands on it and continue the great work, so we’ll be shipping it ASAP!

resco partner awards business impact of the year fieldboss

The most significant positive impact happens when the right technology is used in the right way.

And this year’s winner, FIELDBOSS, showed yet again that they know how to achieve just that.

This time around, they demonstrated how they helped Ambient Mechanical – an HVAC contractor based in Toronto, Canada, with 65 field technicians.

FIELDBOSS found ways to give a midmarket company like Ambient Mechanical a way to compete at the highest levels, thanks to their combined industry, Dynamics 365 and Resco knowledge.

Some benefits that Ambient Mechanical reported:

  • Increased PM visit accuracy by combining inspections with service schedules and targeting the right pieces of equipment at the right time
  • Inspections allow better reporting on many pieces of equipment in one service activity. Summary reports can be sent out automatically
  • Information is available electronically, no need to search through handwritten/manually created records
  • Health and Safety Questionnaires can be easily retrieved for auditing purposes
  • Inspections provide a more accurate equipment history which can be used for cost analysis when deciding between replacement or repair
  • PM visits are performed 10% quicker using questionnaire style forms than manually typing in inspection-related data using the Barcode feature
  • Fewer labor hours per PM work order as inspections are targeted to equipment, less confusion about what needs to get done
  • All technicians on site can see what’s been completed and what’s outstanding

For their work, FIELDBOSS was awarded 3,000 EUR in market development funds to help them with training, marketing, or sales activities that will drive even more sales.

If you are a company working in the Elevator or HVAC industry and are looking to digitize your business processes in the field – look no further.

Book a free personalized demo with FIELDBOSS.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter and check out the many great e-books and whitepapers they put together.

resco partner awards 2021 breakthrough partner of the year redkite crm

The Breakthrough Partner of the Year Award recognized a partner that has seen rapid growth in the past year – not just in sales numbers but also in gained knowledge and customer success.

The partner that showed the biggest gains in the past year is RedkiteCRM – a UK-based organization specializing in Microsoft Dynamics and Resco technologies, which they apply in the social housing sector.

RedkiteCRM developers and consultants were the first to develop several business solutions used by many housing associations across the UK today.

And we’re delighted that these experts also put trust into implementing Resco mobility to customers such as Moat Housing Association and Town & Country Housing.

For organizations from the Housing sector, especially those based in the United Kingdom – reach out to RedkiteCRM experts to help you with your implementation.

For their accomplishments, RedkiteCRM were awarded two tickets to Resco.NEXT 2022, which will hopefully take place in a beautiful European city sometime next year.

What’s next for these winners?

Apart from receiving the special prizes mentioned above, the partners will get extra marketing exposure in the months to come, a framed diploma, and the traditional prize – a bottle of the finest Woodford whisky (yes, the Woodford configuration tool was named after it!).

We’ll be working closely with them on customer success stories and webinars where they can showcase their solutions. We also plan to attend industry conferences together, and if the situation allows it, organize local in-person events in their area.

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And when it comes to Resco Partner Awards in general, we’re going to take a break for a few months, until the cycle repeats itself. We can’t wait to find out who will be the winners of Resco Partner Awards 2022!

Until then, we’ll be working hard to make your business outcomes with Resco even more successful, by providing the right tools, trainings and insights.