What’s the state of Resco mobility for Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Resco Field Service 2.0 app running on tablets

I am a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service customer and need to move off of the Resco app. Now! What? How? Why?

Change is a good thing. Usually.

Unless that change comes unexpectedly and puts you under pressure. If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service with the free Resco Mobile CRM app, maybe you’ve heard that by the end of June you need to switch to one of Microsoft’s field service mobile applications. Problem that nobody had yesterday has suddenly become a ticking bomb.

What’s the situation?

You have been using the Resco Mobile CRM app for months or years and everything works well. Your users have it on their devices, they were trained to use it, it is reliable and brings results.

However, using the free Resco Mobile CRM app in conjunction with Dynamics 365 Field Service licenses is not an officially supported use right of Dynamics 365 Field Service. And that to avoid disruption, you are required to migrate to a Microsoft mobile solution by the end of June 2021 – either to the legacy Field Service Mobile app or to an entirely new mobile solution built on Power Apps that should replace the legacy app by June 30, 2022.

What do I do now?

We understand if this news is frustrating or confusing – probably a bit of both. But even though it seems you have only two options, both of which will sooner or later require to put time and effort into an entirely different and yet un-proven technology, there’s a third way to go.

Resco offers a long-term solution that enables you to prepare for the future without wasting the investment you’ve already put into mobility: You can seamlessly migrate to Resco Field Service 2.0.

Why Resco Field Service 2.0?

Instead of trying to break your necks, spend time testing, troubleshooting and switching to a similar (yet different) app, we believe we have an easier solution that saves the hassle.

Field Service 2.0 is Resco’s powerful, mobile solution for Dynamics 365 Field Service built to handle the complex field service scenarios of today and tomorrow. Offline enabled, with no need to rebuild your existing solution from scratch.

Resco Field Service 2.0 enables you to:

  • Get more done in the field with one advanced, stable, mobile app
  • Receive fast direct support from Resco’s Support team
  • Plan ahead with a transparent roadmap to make your solution future-proof

Furthermore, Resco has been known in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem for providing lasting yet innovative mobile solutions. As one of our customers mentioned just last month, “Resco has been the most stable app in our portfolio for years”. Or using the words of Jason Johnson from Southern States Toyotalift, in Resco they found three core components: “Mobility, stability, flexibility”.

Feel free to reach out to us at fieldservice@resco.net if you have any questions or concerns about the coming changes and check out if you are interested in learning if Field Service 2.0 is right for your team.