What’s .next? Explore the key topics of Resco’s 2017 mobile CRM conference

As in previous two years, resco.next 2017 will come jam-packed with sessions, consultations with industry experts, meetings with peers, and much more. In this blogpost we’re bringing you an overview of the key topics that the event will focus on both from a business and technical perspective.

Offline mobility

Just how offline does a mobile CRM solution need to be? Even in Europe, where Internet connectivity is generally perceived as very good, there still are areas with poor 3G and 4G support. And what about specific scenarios in places like underground garages, elevators, planes, or rural areas?
The basic assumption for every feature added to Resco Mobile CRM is it will be available also in offline mode. We see it as the core of Resco Mobile CRM that has been designed for offline usage, since the very beginning of its development. At resco.next an array of sessions will demonstrate the importance of offline mobility in real-life usage scenarios – complete with an in-depth comparison revealing both strengths and weaknesses of mobile solutions by Resco, Microsoft, and Salesforce.
Must-see session: Going head-to-head: Resco vs. Microsoft & Salesforce1

Field service

For years, field service was universally considered a cost center and companies didn’t think of their field teams as a competitive advantage. However, recently more than 1/3 of businesses view their field service teams as profit centers. Not to mention Microsoft’s Field Service customers have a higher user per organization ratio than those using the Sales solution.
With field service on the rise, Resco’s technology is integrated directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. The company’s Service Cloud Sales Director for EMEA, David Brown will be joining us in Amsterdam, presenting a use case implemented at a major customer. Resco’s Account Manager Andrew Lorraine will reveal the differences between Microsoft’s Field Service for Dynamics 365 and Resco Field Service and discuss the available licensing options. And MHI Vestas Offshore wind will be sharing their customer story.
Must-see session: All you wanted to know about Microsoft’s Field Service for Dynamics 365

Maps, route planning, navigation

The ability to display accounts, contacts, leads, or any other records with GPS coordinates in an interactive map view has been distinguishing Resco from the competition for quite some time. And recently, we expanded the map related features even further – adding route planning, and offline maps with navigation.
But what if you want to draw up route plans for an entire team from your office? We will take a closer look at the mapping functionalities available, discuss the future of maps in CRM systems, and explain why separating and extending map-related capabilities can be a great offering for customers looking beyond mobile CRM.
Must-see session: Take full advantage of mapping functionalities in Resco

App development platform

While most mobile CRM projects focus on sales or field service scenarios, customers often have quite specific requirements for the final mobile app functionality. So, Resco has built a robust app development platform, allowing our partners to perform even complex customizations. Which in many cases reach far beyond CRM standards.
As the demand for cross platform business apps keeps growing rapidly, we receive requests even for non-CRM business apps, which could integrate with third-party backend and support advanced mobile functionalities. At resco.next attendees can also find out how to utilize Resco as a platform to deliver powerful, agile and efficiently built solutions that mobilize processes essential for every business.
Must-see session: Discover the potential of Resco Cloud as a platform

Consumer apps

Some of the information stored in your CRM can be utilized by external users. For example, with all the customer & product information, pricing and inventory availability, businesses can create consumer-oriented apps connected directly with Dynamics 365/CRM. Thus, a customer can order goods (or services) via an app and the company will receive the order directly to their CRM – meaning the product will find its way to customer’s hands faster.
In the same vein, mobility can help governments and public institutions to connect with their citizens. With 117 billion euros provided for smart city projects across the European Union in the past 6 years alone, new technologies which further simplify life of citizens are on the rise. Discover how municipalities can build complete vertical solutions with City Smart Services by Resco. Plus, you’ll also see how you can extend the pre-configured project to numerous other field service scenarios
Must-see session: City Smart Services: A complete solution for municipalities

Mobile audit & analytics

Mobile analytics is not about the lack of trust in employees, as it sometimes mistakenly is implied. It is about improving field operations, aiming for higher productivity and boosted overall results. After all, how can you get better if you can’t prove where things are breaking down? How can you go from “poor” to “excellent” if you can’t pinpoint where things are not going according to plan? Well, without collecting relevant data you simply can’t.
Learn how using Resco’s audit and analytics module, companies can analyze the interactions their sales reps and service technicians have with customers. And, based on this information, they can start to make changes to improve your field team’s all-around performance.
Must-see session: Become an expert in mobile audit analytics

Get your conference pass and join the discussion in Amsterdam!

Here’s a quick info on what’s included in the conference pass if you decide to register & attend:

  • 20+ educational sessions all about Resco Mobile CRM – Check out the latest sessions
  • One-on-one discussions & consultations about your projects with Resco experts
  • Hands-on technical workshop – Don’t forget to bring your laptop and mobile device!
  • Lunch, drinks and refreshments during the whole conference
  • Woodford Appreciation Class – whiskey tasting & opportunity to win prizes
  • Conference reception – recharge your batteries over dinner and drinks at Heineken Experience

resco.next 2017 in Amsterdam is now over. However You can check out the details and get your conference pass for the American edition of resco.next – taking place in Atlanta on 14th – 15th March 2018.

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