What’s new at resco.next this year?


Resco.next is ‘one-of-a-kind’ conference filled with educational sessions, both business and technical, all dedicated to Resco Mobile CRM.  It’s 2 days of valuable learning, networking, entertainment, and giving back. The clock slowly ticks towards resco.next’16, and as the excitement builds up, we decided to give you a taste of this year’s “firsts & bests”:

What makes resco.next’16 even better than its last year’s edition?

This year, resco.next will be all about the innovations, changes and new experiences Resco has overcome since last year.
Before, during, and after the 2015 event; we collected attendees’ feedback. Even though the whole gathering experience went down smoothly, we wanted to make sure, resco.next’16 will be even bigger and better than before. The valuable feedback in our hands gave us power to create the mobile CRM conference as you want it. Starting with:

  • A focus on ‘Developer deep dives’: the A to Z overview of all the technical questions you’ve encountered while utilizing Resco Mobile CRM and the Woodford configuration tool.
  • Keen discussions, techy talks and ‘hang-outs’ with us & your peers: even greater opportunity to express your opinion on certain Mobile CRM-related issues you’ve encountered, and to extend your contact list

And here’s a glimpse at “the biggest new hits” of both business & technical sessions:

As last year, this time, we will also let you in on the plans and functionality Resco has in the pipeline for future releases. What’s freshly included and is a big topic on the road ahead now, are the Integrations. What does the integration with Salesforce and Oracle Sales Cloud mean for us? How will it affect our future business?

  • FieldOne & Resco: Get the answers on FieldOne

When should you go with Resco Mobile CRM and when consider FieldOne Sky Mobile?
And what’s the status quo between the two companies after Microsoft acquired FieldOne? Hear real-life use cases of both solutions in detail, as well as specific conditions upon which FieldOne Sky Mobile — which is built on Resco Mobile CRM technology — can be used. Get Resco’s perspective summed up in this article.

  • MoCa versus Resco

MoCa was designed as a mobile extension of the standard Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality.  Resco Mobile CRM is a mobile-first CRM with a full functionality of desktop CRM and more. A comparison of the mobile CRM solution in a nutshell from the business and technical point of view or why is Resco is a way to go. Visit our CEO’s blog for some details.

  • Developer deep dive: Enhancing Mobile CRM with offline HTML

Last time at resco.next, you had a chance to broaden your theoretical knowledge about offline HTML and its perks. This year, we will learn how to get the best out of offline HTML in practice with real life examples.

  • Use cases – Features dismantled

In this session we will go through numerous requests we’ve received from customers and partners over the years and showcase how various features helped them achieve the desired results.

  • And there is more…

Explore the benefits of becoming our partner or learn how to master mobile reports as one of the most used & useful capabilities of your mobile CRM.

What returns from resco.next ’15? Simply the best!

  • The Good old Woodford Appreciation Class!

Among the rest, comeback of this ‘extraordinary’ session is something, we have all been looking forward to. Woodford – Resco’s configuration tool that shares its name with a world-class Whiskey deserves its spotlight. A comprehensive walkthrough history of this beverage makes it a ‘not-to-miss’ number one session!

  • True customer stories

Resco Mobile CRM customers and partners tell it as it is. In this panel discussion, they will talk about their experience, about benefits of using the product, and also about how they overcame any struggles and issues they encountered along the way.

  • And more ‘returning’ sessions, such as Consumer Apps, Business Logic, Newly added capabilities…

*To see the complete agenda for resco.next click here.

Don’t forget – We are bringing the “Mobile CRM show” to Philly and Munich in 2016

At .next, you are going to create new relationships and meet up with your ‘e-mail peers’. You are going to get inspired by the streetwise speakers and have fun during the evening receptions. Although, the locations for both European and American ’16 events that we’ve chosen will take you to the next level by all means!
Did you know that Philadelphia is a home to the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, and Philly Cheesesteaks?
Love beer? Then get your travel mood on, because you are about to explore Munich, the European capital of beer.
Want more information about the amazing things you can do, see or eat in Philly and Munich? Stay tuned for the upcoming articles!
Now we know for sure, no matter, if you are a newcomer or a returning .next fan, everyone will take something positive back from this gathering.  We can’t wait to welcome you to Munich on November 3 – 4 (register for Munich) and in Philly on November 15 – 16 (register for Philly).