What you were curious about: Q&As from the resco.NEXT conference

Q&As at resco.next conference

You already know that here at Resco, we love innovation and out-of-the-box ideas. A very important factor in creating our solutions is also curiosity: What do people need? What technology will work the best? And – how to make it even better, faster, more efficient?

At our conference resco.NEXT 2021 Virtual, we gave you the opportunity to tap into your curiosity and ask us anything. We are happy to report that you are a curious bunch as well because ask you did! Here you can find the most frequent questions and answers, completed with additional details and resources. And for those who missed resco.NEXT 2021 Virtual, no need to fret! You still have a few weeks to catch the recording online.

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Is resco.FieldService a stand-alone product, or can it be integrated with existing backends?

resco.FieldService can run as a stand-alone product with its backend, Resco Cloud. Though it can be connected to 3rd party backends as well. Our proprietary API, OData web services, Power Automate connector, or Tibco connector are some of the many integration options.

Can resco.FieldService be utilized by small businesses, as well as enterprises?

It can be utilized by a company of any size, but it is perfect for MSM Enterprises. It is configurable into any possible scenario based on what is needed with just enough customization to make the solution personal and affordable for each customer.

What factors influence the license pricing?

It depends on the type of license and features you need for your work. While a technician might need a core license for mobile app users, a dispatcher would probably need a license with manager features. You can have a look at different licenses and pricing here.

Are all the features from Resco Inspections available in the new resco.FieldService product?

resco.FieldService can be considered the evolution of Inspections. We carried over all features from Inspections – such as Questionnaire designer, Report builder, and Dynamics form – to resco.FieldService.

What is the 2022 roadmap for resco.FieldService?

We want to focus more on asset maintenance and deliver more functionalities connected to asset management through IoT. Apart from backend functionalities, we would like to bring the best mobile solution for field workers. We are playing around with new emerging technologies to improve user experience. We have a lot prepared and will share the roadmap soon on our website.

Are there any features that are not available in the offline environment?

It depends on the role and job responsibilities of the user. If it concerns back-office users, they need an internet connection to access the app through the web page. But for workers in the field, most of the functions are available in offline mode. There are just a few understandable exceptions, such as AR calls.

Can you discuss the security of FieldService Cloud, including where it is hosted?

resco.FieldService cloud can be hosted on Amazon or Azure webservers located in Europe (Germany) in the case of Amazon, or in the USA for Azure. Both services set standards and handle security as well.

In what ways is the API different to the pre-FieldService product?

We have one consolidated API for all Resco Cloud projects, as they are built on Resco Cloud backend. If you have any more questions concerning this, please get in touch with us at innovations@resco.net.

Would you recommend the resco.FieldService for Sales Field Staff in Food & beverage industry? And what features are coming to your mind in this relation?

resco.FieldService is a great solution for the Food&Beverage industry, especially for regular maintenance of vital equipment, such as ovens, conveyor belts, and packaging and bottling machines.

Regarding the features, these would be perfect for you:

  • asset maintenance module (utilizing time plans/agreements + utilization of asset),
  • mobile app for technicians/inspectors/contractors,
  • scheduling module for proper planning of resources,
  • work order processing with incidents module to address ad hoc failures
  • complete flexibility and customization of the whole solution for a specific use case.


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What is the difference between resco.FieldService and Service Platform?

resco.FieldService is a product built for customers with specific use cases (such as asset maintenance). It is customizable to a certain extent, but a portion is already pre-built into the product. So, simply put, resco.FieldService can be one of the outcomes achieved with Service Platform.

On the other hand, resco.ServicePlatform has broader, different types of functionalities and features used for service scenarios. It can be more suitable for partners, as it was designed to build a very custom solution.

Would it be possible to build a custom service mobile app on resco.ServicePlatform?

Yes, customers or partners can create apps with their own branding: icons, splash screens, the app’s title, and start-up configuration. It can be built from the bottom to the top based on customers’ preferences.

What should I do first if I want to start a partnership with Resco?

You can find contact information on our website and get in touch via form. One of our representatives will contact you straight away.

Is it possible to try resco.ServicePlatform for free? Is there a trial version available?

We are offering a free 30-days trial on our website to any customer or prospect who wants to try it out. Partners already have a trial as a part of the benefits program.

You mentioned a focus on the services. What exactly does it mean in the context of the platform?

The platform itself consists of mostly service functionalities. It suits every company with a service type of scenario that includes having technicians in the field or on the shop floor – repairs, inspections, quality control, risk assessments on any machine or equipment. It also fits for organizations requiring managers or dispatchers to schedule appointments, create reports and check KPIs.

Resco for Dynamics 365

Is Field Service 2.0 available on-premises? What are the possibilities?

We support both on-premises and cloud versions of Dynamics 365 Field Service.

When changing from Field Service Mobile (Xamarin) app to Field Service 2.0., is recoding or redoing needed? How does the process work?

If you are coming from Field Service Mobile (Xamarin) app, you don’t have to redo or recode anything. Concerning the transition, we have prepared a Transition guide for you to follow step-by-step.

Are stories available about the shift from the old solution to FS2.0? What are the pros and cons of using FS2.0?

The positives of Resco Field Service 2.0 are straightforward:

  • no need to build everything from scratch;
  • possibility to stay on a proven, stable and top-class mobile solution;
  • no need to re-train all the field staff to use a new solution;
  • possibility to enhance current solution easily with additional features and functionalities;
  • direct support from Resco,
  • and more.

Recently, Kemp and Lauritzen switched to Resco’s Field Service 2.0 – to get the full Resco mobile experience without any limitations. They wanted to leverage Resco Inspections, which is now a core part of their mobile solution. You can also check out case study created in cooperation with another current Resco Field Service 2.0 client, Nurse Maude. We plan to share more customer success stories with you very soon.

I use Resco as a frontend for CRM and need Inspections for only a few users for a different process. Can both systems exist independently?

Yes, they can. Inspections is an extension functionality that can be integrated into Resco app when needed in your use cases.

The news about D365 Business central sounds great. I would like to offer this solution to my customers. What can I do?

The best to go about this is to contact a business development manager from your area and discuss your customer’s needs with them. They will help you to find the best solution for your case.

I would like to enable Routes AI within the Mobile Sales project of my customer. What can I do?

Reach out to one of our business development managers, and they will get you started and organize a demo for you.

Can I have a different app for sales representatives and sales managers?

Yes, you can! Just set a data configuration so the app displays only relevant information.

In one of the photos in the background, I saw a form that combined a kind of month view of a calendar, together with regular views. Is this on the roadmap?

Yes, it is on our roadmap. At the moment, we explore all issues our users might have in this regard.

Can we connect other maps than Google maps with Resco?

Our Route Planner uses maps available on a given device. If you want to find out more about the topic, please reach out to us and we will get back to you straight away.


speaker at resco.nextHow can we try resco.Guides? Is there a trial version of the app available?

Yes, you can try resco.Guides for yourself. Just reach out to us. We will guide you through the product and prepare a demo organization.

Does the expert answering AR calls need to be behind a desktop?

Not necessarily. The expert can answer the call from a mobile device if they have a mobile user role assigned.

Why is resco.Guides better than other similar solutions?

There are four main reasons why:

  • Ability to function in offline mode
  • Unique combination of AR video calls and knowledge management
  • Simplicity. It’s easy to use and find relevant information, which is crucial to increase adoption rate across different age groups
  • Knowledge harvesting feature, which is capturing the undocumented processes essential for continuous improvement.
What is the price of resco.Guides?

We currently approach pricing individually. It’s based on the size of the project, the number of users, types of user roles, and the industry clients specialize in – manufacturing, asset maintenance, etc. We are ready to prepare pricing for you per your requests and needs.

Does the application work fully offline?

Yes, resco.Guides works fully offline, except for the AR video calls that require an internet connection.

What are supported devices for resco.Guides? Is there a roadmap for devices?

We currently support standard mobile devices (IOS, Android). As for wearables, we do have .Houston on RealWear on the roadmap for 2022 – as AR calls and step-by-step visual instructions are the two most frequent use cases on the HMT1 devices. And resco.Guides has both.

Is it possible to combine Inspection and Houston so that Inspections can be entered in real time?

Houston is not currently integrated with resco.Inspections. If what was meant was collecting data while scrolling through a resco.Guides manual, or a process – this is in the pipeline. But it would be great if you reach out to us at houston@resco.net to tell us more about the use case you are mentioning.

Is Houston also available in Slovak?

We will have language versions available in early 2022.

Feel free to ask

Thank you for all the questions you asked during resco.NEXT 2021 Virtual. However, if you have any additional questions or comments related to the Resco portfolio and solutions, or general industry trends, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

And remember, in case you have missed the conference this year, you still have a few weeks to catch the recording online on our virtual event platform. You can reach the platform by clicking on the link in the confirmation email you received after registration. In case you have trouble accessing the recording, please contact us at events@resco.net.

Even if you didn’t register before the event, you can still do so and enjoy the best resco.NEXT 2021 Virtual has to offer.