What to expect from our Summer Update?

Despite the weather getting really hot out here, we stay focused on delivering Mobile CRM releases in a timely manner. Next week (June 24th-28th), we are about to release our quarterly update, which widens capabilities of both, the app and Woodford . Let’s discuss the major qualitative improvements it brings.

  • Advanced Find is a feature that has been demanded by our customers for long. It addresses the users’ need to filter data relevant to them by creating custom views on each device they use. Users are free to create multiple custom views by defining numerous conditions and to save them, just as they would on regular desktop CRM.
  • Chart Drilldown allows you to dive into data visualized on a chart. Each part of it can be broken into different charts by simple tapping on it and choosing an appropriate criterion. We believe that this improvement of app’s analytics capability will soon become a popular feature among our customers.
  • New Image Editor included in Woodford makes it easy to import custom icons. All you need to do is to place the picture to the corresponding category. So you can change entity icons, buttons or map pins for instance. The appearance of an app can now be customized even with Woodford.
  •  Delete Button has been added to the application as a reaction to multiple customer requests. Admins can now enable certain users to delete data right from their device. Introduction of this feature completes the offering of entity actions that can be performed by mobile users.
  • User Audit is a feature which importance has already been outlined earlier this year. In summer release, it becomes an inevitable component of Resco solution. You may have already noticed that once you install Woodford, entity Mobile CRM Auditing is created under the Settings on the server. It contains map and list of records which display what changes have been done by which user. Additionally, also location and time usage of an app is captured. As a result, admin may track daily routes and usage patterns of every single user.

Auditing pic
By no means have I managed to mention all features included in summer release. Comprehensive list that contains all of them can be found in our newsletter.
We try to accommodate as many customer demands as possible; therefore we highly appreciate every improvement idea. Please share with us what you would like to see in the next release, which is scheduled for September.
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