18th November, 2021

What to do when project changes are not reflected in the Resco Mobile CRM app?

You might have encountered the following situation: You’ve created a mobile project in Woodford, but the changes are not applied to the Mobile CRM application when a user synchronizes it. So what can you do? Should the app misbehave like this?
When you publish a project, even without any change, the user should see the message “Application was updated” after the synchronization.
Application was updated
If this doesn’t happen but the synchronization itself was successful, without any error, something is wrong. Fortunately, there are 3 basic things you are able to check and fix easily by yourself.

1. Security role assigned to the project

The first thing you should check is the security role, or roles, assigned to the project. You need to make sure that the user’s security role is assigned to the project. Select the mobile project in Woodford, click on Properties and verify whether you’ve checked the required roles.

2. Users with relevant access rights

You can also utilize the Show Users option. This will show you all users, who have the security role assigned to the project. If the user who doesn’t see the changes is not listed, it means he doesn’t hold the required security role.
However, if the user has a relevant security role, there might be another basic catch causing the app to not reflect the changes made in the project.

3. Modify the project’s priority

Go to Check User option and enter the user’s name. You will see a list of projects assigned to his roles. If you can see more than one project, make sure that the one, which you want him to access has the highest priority number. If it doesn’t, you need to update the project and increase its priority number.
Please do not forget to publish the project after each change.

Advanced – Licensing server Access

If all the above is set as it should be and the changes are still not being reflected after syncing, please ask the user whether he has access to Resco’s licensing server ( from his device.
To verify this, he only needs to enter the link to the device’s browser and check whether he can see “” written on an otherwise blank page. If not, you need to make this URL available to the user or contact us to enable offline licenses.
If none of the above helped, please ask the user to send you (or us) the log from Resco Mobile CRM’s About section.
At the same time, let us know if you’ve already looked into the issue and the aforementioned tips have not helped. Then we can immediately start investigating the more complex parts of the log and are able to find the right solution to your problem faster.
Whenever you run into any unexpected trouble with your mobile project, feel free to e-mail us at

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