What is Resco Advantage good for? – user scenario

Last week we released a beta version of brand new platform for creation of customer apps. We call it Resco Advantage as it enables a variety of businesses to leverage marketing and sales potential of mobile apps. Are you wondering how? Let me explain that on following lines.
To give you a better idea of how Resco Advantage may help you grow your base of loyal customer I will use an example of Fitburger – fast food restaurant chain and its occasional customer Frank.

    • Frank passes by Fitburger branch located in city center and decides to step in. He spots paper-based promotion including QR code announcing availability of new customer app on the table in his favorite restaurant. The ad promises attractive discount vouchers distributed via new app.
    • He likes the app, decides to scan the code and get an app to iPhone. Frank launches an app in a moment and inserts name of restaurant. (branded apps connect automatically with no input from customer)

FitBurger-home   FitBurger-Promotions   FitBurger-Promotions-2

  • Customized version of Resco Advantage designed by the fast-food chain includes products, locations, promotions and chat wall. Frank goes directly to promotions where he finds virtual presentation of ongoing campaigns. He picks the one he likes, comes to cashier and let the personnel to redeem bar-code from voucher.
  • Frank gets his favorite food for discounted price. While he enjoys his meal he browses through the app. He checks locations of all Fitburger restaurants around the city on the map and finds out that there is one newly open in his neighborhood. Out of curiosity he also checks what others write about that place on chat wall. Reviews are rather positive so far.
  • Our model customer leaves the restaurant, pleased with delicious meal and extraordinary customer service. On the top of that, his customer experience is enriched by discount and valuable information.

It is very likely that Frank will visit Fitburger more often. Partly because of quality meals, partly because of unique customer service and partly because of mobile app that delivers complete product and promotional information at his fingertips.
I think that the app can make the difference between Fitburger and similar restaurants. Resco Advantage is designed to drive customer engagement and become the source of repeated visits. It is designed to give your business an Advantage.
Resco currently provides this versatile platform for development of custom retail apps free of charge. It is subject to further development. Do not miss your chance to try the solution and give us feedback we may immediately incorporate!

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