What happens when we look at things from new perspectives? Extras are born!

Less than a month has passed since the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona greatly inspired us to develop something new, unusual. So we looked at our Mobile CRM from different angles. Ideas bubbled up to the surface (not the tablet) and the best ones are now here as these Extra modules:
Boost the security of the Mobile CRM to the maximum with Enterprise Security.
Protect the business data with a wide selection of enterprise-class safety measures:

  • Remote Wipe-Out of data from the application
  • Session Time-Out that locks the app
  • Session Time Table and GPS Fencing restricts users to work within a given time period or location only
  • Session Speed disables the app when the device moves at speed over a predefined limit
  • Kiosk Mode – enables users to use nothing but the Mobile CRM app on the mobile device

Want to keep an eagle eye on mobile users? Now you can.
Track when & where the mobile users:

  • view, create or update data
  • synchronize the application
  • launch and exit the software
  • actually use Mobile CRM app

Why should companies have an application for their customers? Easy. It is a great way to interact with customers, manage loyalty programs, and, as a result, see their customer retention grow.
Companies can let customers:

  • know about their nearest locations, services or special deals
  • obtain sale vouchers or news
  • actively communicate via chat wall
  • point out things that need improvement and praise what they like

Example of CustomerInteraction app
The Extras are introduced and showcased today at Microsoft’s Convergence 2013 conference. If you’re there between March 18th and March 21st , be sure to touch base with us at booth #750 in Expo Hall.

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