What do top-performing Resco partners have in common?

Resco has a global network of 500+ implementation partners. But have you ever wondered what the top performers have in common? We analyzed our premier global partners such as ORBIS, Rimrock, aXonand Navicon and looked at what makes them so successful in enterprise mobility.

Defined mobile strategy 

All of our highest-performing partners think mobile from the get-go. They have a defined mobile strategy with clear objectives, targets, and initiatives, including a dedicated “owner” or solution architect for their mobility practice built using Resco. This is especially true for partners who’ve designed a customized Resco app that sits on top of their industry vertical. These partners rightfully acknowledge that mobility is an expectation from clients these days and are ready to address mobile innovation straight from the first customer meeting. 

Custom Resco app 

A lot of our partners realized that most of their customers were asking for the same thing or something very similar. Because of that, they decided to make a product based on those needs instead of doing expensive custom development for each customer. They have differentiated themselves from the competition by creating their own branded solutions either for specific industries, product lines, or for particular departments and organization types. Whether it be for Salesforce, Dynamics 365 or other backends. 

How did they do this? With the help of the vast capabilities of Resco’s Mobile Application Development Platform, which provides resources to build a solution from the ground up and completely align it with processes of customers from industries you specialize in.  

Active communication 

Communication is key. Being in regular contact and sharing important industry and market insights is crucial to strengthening any business relationship. Customers expect to get the latest and most valuable information, and our account managers are here to give our partners just that. Each Professional Resco Partner has a dedicated regional account manager who can consult your Resco projects and keep you up to date with important company and product developments. Apart from English we also have fluent French, German, Czech and Slovak speaking account managers, so language shouldn’t be an issue. 

Not sure who’s your main point of contact at Resco? Contact us at partners@resco.net and we’ll connect you with the right person. 

Attending Resco.next 

Our annual enterprise mobility conference has been growing each year and has become a major event in the world of enterprise mobility. It wasn’t a surprise to find out that our most successful partners come back year after year. The conference gives them a competitive advantage because they get the newest and most important updates before anyone else. Also, it gives them a chance to work hands-on with Resco experts on their projects, attend the many technical and business sessions, and network with other leaders in the field of enterprise mobility and digital transformation. 

Proactive selling 

A lot of our partners are reactive, meaning that they work on mobility projects only when a customer approaches them asking specifically for the technology. The top dogs go about actively pitching mobile solutions to their prospects and existing clients, and this pays dividends in the long run. 

Industry awards

It won’t come as a surprise that our top partners are regularly recognized as industry leaders, not just in the area of enterprise mobility, but also in ERP, CRM, AI, BI and more.  

For example, many of our top partners have been included in Microsoft’s prestigious Inner Circle – which consists of the top 1% of all Microsoft suppliers. Apart from high-level of expertise, and above-average economic performance and stability, the focus is set on customer satisfaction.  

COSMO CONSULTNavicon, and ORBIS are just some of our partners who have been included in this elite club in recent years. 

Smart marketing practices 

Good sales practices are closely connected with good marketing practices. This means, at the very least, having a mobile solutions product page on your website. But what we found from reviewing our best partners, is that they go the extra mile and create promotional videos, write whitepapers including Resco solutions, and even organize enterprise mobility workshops in their area. 

Get inspired by how AventoaXonCosmo Consult, or Navicon do it. 

Resco Partner Marketplace 

It’s not enough to create a capable and unique custom solution – it also needs to be marketed effectively. One of the tools that help our top partners in this area is our Marketplace. Whether you specialize in manufacturing, FMCG, healthcare, energy, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, you are invited to showcase your technical prowess, originality and industry knowledge. Our sales specialists will also recommend your unique offering to the right prospects. 

Adept at Field Service 

In November 2018, we formalized a direct partnership with Microsoft. As you probably know, Resco technology serves as the base, for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Field Service mobile app. Our most successful partners also work a lot with this solution and thus can deliver any kind of mobility project you can think of – mobile sales, inspections, field service, and anything in between. 

To wrap it up, for the most sucessful Resco partners, enterprise mobility isn’t merely an aftertought. It’s embedded deep in their business strategy, represented by a portfolio of advanced solutions, and supported by exceptional service provided to clients.

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