What do the most curious customers ask about Mobile CRM?

I used a rather lame headline just to grab your attention. It seems that I have succeeded. At least so far:) Throughout some time I’ve heard plenty of questions from our customers about our Mobile CRM product. Lot of them are answered already on our website but not all of them. Some of them are interesting, some of them not and some of them will make you think for a while. Here they are:
Q: What mobile platform should I buy?
A: OK, we are talking about Mobile CRM which is most frequently used by the sales reps. A lot of sales reps are very often not very technically savvy (we all have our flaws, right?). In case you are not low on your budget you should go for iPhone/iPad. IOS just works. It has very easy navigation and the learning curve is very steep. In other cases you should go for Android.
Q: What about Windows 8/RT?
A: These devices might change the game in the future but they are not ready yet. It will be absolutely awesome for sales reps to have MS Office on their tablets. This will replace a lot of functionality of the laptops which is yet missing in tablets. However, Surface RT does not have Office for enterprise use yet. Surface Pro is too expensive (900USD) and battery uptime is very poor (since it has Intel processor). Moreover I find metro style really chaotic. Live tiles make the screen very confusing. Everything is just changing in some random order. If I want to see what weather it will be today, I don’t want to wait until the tile changes automatically. I rather click and have the information right away. But this might be only my personal preference.
Q: How many employees does Resco have?
A: We have about 30 employees. Yes, we are a small company, especially in American terms where everything is much bigger than in Europe (cars, buildings, meals:). Resco is a very flexible company though. Go ask any of our customers or partners. Some of them are listed here and here. And we offer a great support. Seriously you can try it – mobilecrm at resco dot net. Just try to ask some random question and wait for response. I think our guys from support team gonna hate me now.
Q: Why doesn’t your map work on my device?
A: Our map uses latitude and longitude fields instead of city and street fields. You will have to fill these in manually or use a script. If you would want to use city and street field instead, you would need Google API license which starts at about 8500EUR for single customer.
Q: Why don’t you give any discounts?
A: We charge 300USD per user. You can have unlimited amount of devices per each user. This price covers Woodford customization and administration tool, full technical support for Woodford and apps and also all product updates. We usually have 4 major updates each year + several smaller ones. I think that the price is justified. If you want we can charge 600USD per user and I could give you 50% discount if this will help you out (this is what some of our competitors do).
Q: Which server is better: MS Dynamics CRM or Salesforce?
A: Both platforms obviously have their advantages and disadvantages. I think it doesn’t matter that much which platform you choose. Choosing your admin carefully is task you should be focusing on instead. Admin can make your server more speedy, better and secure. Good admin will also make steps toward fast implementation and fast technology adaption among your employees.
I do not have any personal or emotional attachment to Dynamics CRM (see this article if you don’t believe me). But I think MS Dynamics CRM brings more value when you compare value/price ratio. I think that Salesforce is winning over Dynamics CRM partially because they can make a huge “show” around their product. They have a gift to inflate every single small feature during their events.
to be continued…..
PS: Enjoy your weekend! It’s Friday finally wooooo:)
Peter Hanustiak