Welcome to the Post-mobile Mobility Era


Over the last 10 years, we at Resco have seen roughly about 2,500 and one mobile project implementations. It has been everything and anything “CRM-meets-a-mobile-device-and-they-shake-their-hands” type of use cases. One area that stood out from the beginning was Field Service – it was more structured, with well-defined workflows, and often required by law or highly regulated.
Over the last 10 years, we at Resco have seen roughly about 978 and one new tech advancements: new phones, tablets (does anybody remember Kindle Fire?), mobile OSs, new versions of back end systems, AI, voice control, smart glasses (farewell Google Glass; oh hello Google Glass Pro, you look familiar), smartwatches, AR/VR headsets, etc.
If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is that change happens. All. The. Time. And it does not wait for anyone to get on board.

Mobile Apps for Technicians

When we started working with companies such as WennSoft (Key2Act), FieldOne Systems, Rimrock, and others, the mobile experience for technicians equaled a native app on their phone. Preferably with all screens accessible within 3 taps and with buttons big enough to accommodate a glove.
Much has changed since then. I see technicians using the latest iPhones and Samsungs, wearing smartwatches to track their daily steps (the one with least steps usually gets the beer after the shift), and switching between apps faster than my 6-year old niece.

Welcome to the post-mobile mobility

Today, Field Service Mobile is more than an app on your smartphone. It is part of the company-wide approach to doing things right.
We at Resco believe the right thing to do is to marry context with a use case and create a Continuous Experience.
What do I mean by that?
I am a hobby biker, very fond of my Trek Émonda. When I plan a bike trip, I usually do it on my laptop: large screen, big map and all the info, such as mileage, profile, ascent/descent, type of surface available on a single screen. I send my favorite route to my bike computer. It mounts securely on my handlebars, features navigation, shows all the metrics, connects with my chest strap and other sensors automatically, and the battery lasts for weeks. When I am finished, I sync it with my phone and go through all the stats. My phone allows me to seamlessly push it to Garmin Connect and Strava where I see the segments, PRs (or so I wish) and all other metrics.
Could I do it all on my phone? Yes. Would it be the same experience? Not even close.
That is what I mean by Continuous Experience — I choose the right device at the right time.
Let’s look at a simplified workday of a technician.
It is all about unlocking the right technology enabling tailor-made experiences supporting the use case in the given context.

Post-mobile Mobility is still Mobile

For the back office, the technicians are still mobile though. They drive their vans or pickup trucks, moving from one inspection visit to do a repair and so on. Knowing where they are is crucial. Especially when there is an emergency. Or to understand how much time they spend on the road.

Resco Mission Control

Mission Control, aka Resco Location Monitor allows you to see all your technicians in real time. You get the idea if they are on schedule or stuck in traffic. This is how it looks like:
We understand mobility translates to the office and when used the right way, it provides valuable data for your business.
How would you use such insights?

Field Service 2.0

Over the last 10 years, technology has changed a lot. We believe it is about providing the right user experience and the right insights for the businesses.
One way to achieve this without breaking the bank is to create a stable yet flexible solution.
A solution that supports many different touchpoints and devices. One that makes coding optional rather than required. One full of modules and blocks that can be put together like a Lego. All combined to create one seamless coherent experience for the post-mobile mobile user. A solution that adapts to the user and does not compromise on functionality. Technology that grows with your business and brings smart innovations.
Flexibility in stability.
Meet Resco Field Service 2.0, a combination of the Resco framework with Inspections, Routes, and Innovations. Our commitment to a more insightful user and business.
Find out more about the Field Service 2.0 program here.