Welcome to Resco Tower, where the sky is the limit


In the spring of 2020, our company headquarters moved to brand new premises – to Nivy Tower, Slovakia’s new tallest and smartest building. Resco Tower is the internal name of our office since the logo of the company is displayed on the top of the building. The location of the building is in the former industrial hub of Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava and now it’s about to become the core business center of the city. 

A small step for the world, big step for Resco 

Moving into our new office is a special milestone for us – it represents our company’s growth and successAs our teams are growing rapidly, we needed a more spacious workplace that brings out the best in us and where each of us can feel comfortable. The goal was to provide our teams with the most technologically advanced and flexible workspace – to fully support them in developing innovative, state-of-the-art technological solutions.  

Continuing the legacy of the Nivy area 

The location of our new HQ is in one of the oldest and originally biggest districts of Bratislava, which used to be the industrial heart of the city. We even named some of our new meeting rooms after the factories that used to stand here. Resco is a company that’s helping many different industries – from manufacturing to the renewable energy sector – therefore we are proud to have our premises in an area with such a rich and successful industrial history.  

The following map from 1931, made into a 3D version by the architects our premises, Archholics and MiMo Architecti, illustrates the location of the most important historic companies based in the area more than a century earlier:

Here used to be a thread factory (Cvernovka, 1900; upper right corner), a textile factory (Klingerka, 1888; lower left corner), a cable factory (Káblovka, 1894; upper left corner), and a factory manufacturing products from rubber (Gumonka, 1895; lower right corner).  

Come with us on a little virtual tour 

Let us briefly guide you through some of our favorite spots in the new building. Let the pictures speak for themselves:  

Welcome to our new office!

Everybody needs a little space alone sometimes – whether it’s for doing focused work in quiet or making a call, we have many smaller meeting rooms, where anybody can lock the rest of the world out.

The incredible view!

Just like the rest of us, our CEO, Miro Pomsar can’t get enough of the breathtaking views our new premises offer:  

“When I’m tired making slides I can clear my mind by looking at beautiful panoramas from the tallest building in Bratislava.”

Miro Pomsar, CEO


Meeting rooms with a view – it still takes our breath away!

Our largest (still not entirely furnished) chill zone – where we can enjoy our coffee and a relaxed chat with colleagues during breaks.

Alena (HR Manager) and Andrea (Office Manager), who know every little detail of our new building better than anyone. They put all their effort and love (and of course, thousands of hours) into this project from the earliest stages of planning, through the millions of analyses and calculations, until this day when we can all enjoy the fruits of their hard and dedicated work. We’d also like to give special thanks to Sona, our CFO, who – alongside with Alena and Andrea – was a major driving force behind making this happen.

Fabrika, our largest meeting room

The kitchen

kniznica (1)
If we need some new food for thought, we can head to the library to get lost in some fine books.

Learn more about Resco 

Now you’re a bit more familiar with our surroundings. If you would like to get more familiar with our work as well, head to Resco Academy, where we have many online courses packed with valuable resources and hands-on exercises that you can apply right away. 
In the following month, we’re also hosting two webinars: 

See you there!