Webinars: Customize your Resco Mobile CRM


Businesses, just like people, are each different and have their specific needs. That’s why we made Resco Mobile CRM customizable to each organizations’ needs. From adding a new entity, through expanding the business logic, to completely altering the application’s user interface. Almost nothing is off limits.
Resco’s professionals conducted three webinars covering various customization possibilities of the application. Below you can find them all together. So take a look and discover how to make the mobile CRM app truly your own, even before opening the user guide.

Woodford – Basics of customization

Woodford is a tool we’ve designed for code-free modification of your projects and the management of users and licenses.
This webinar covers:

  • How to install Woodford – Silverlight application (stand-alone vs managed solution)
  • Creating a customization (mobile project)
  • Adding a new custom entity, enabling a field, creating a view and new edit form
  • Synchronization filters


Offline HTML in Resco Mobile CRM – Part 1

If you want to create your own business logic, to expand the app with tailor-made forms and unique form rules, to add product presentations or to replace the standard user interface – offline HTML is the way to go. Presented by Resco’s Senior Developer Juraj Mojik.
This webinar includes:

  • What is offline HTML?
  • Concept & Architecture
  • Resco Javascript Bridge
  • Offline HTML use In Resco Mobile CRM:
    • Example 1 – Gallery
    • Example 2 – Mortgage Calculator
    • Example 3 – User interface replacement


Offline HTML in Resco Mobile CRM – Part 2

Delve deeper into the offline HTML in Resco Mobile CRM. Juraj Mojik reveals the technical aspects of the feature – retrieving and modifying data, creating and executing related queries and the main concepts behind JavaScript Bridge.
This webinar covers:

  • How to work with data in JavaScript Bridge
  • JavaScript Bridge classes – Dynamic Entity and Fetch
  • Key concepts – Asynchronous approach and Transparency (online/offline)
  • Examples:
    • Dynamic Entity – Load, create and save
    • Fetch – Construction and execution

We hope these webinars will point you in the right direction when customizing your Resco Mobile CRM.
Stay tuned to our YouTube channel or newsletter because Offline HTML in Resco Mobile CRM – Part 3 is coming soon.
In case you have any questions, please e-mail us at mobilecrm@resco.net or visit the Resco Mobile CRM Support page.