Become part of the voice control revolution with Resco


Voice technology is growing exponentially. Voice assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri are so widely used now that they became basic components of many households and businesses. This technology is changing customer behavior as people use it to perform all kinds of daily tasks – from turning on the air conditioning, searching for a song or TV show, creating shopping lists and beyond. Already in 2018, the sales of voice-enabled devices reached 1 billion.
But consumers are not the only ones who can benefit from voice control technology, as it offers countless benefits in business use as well.

Benefits of voice control for enterprise

It’s no wonder that this technology is gaining ground in business scenarios. It makes work processes easier and more comfortable. Some of voice control’s key advantages are:

  • More comfort: Making notes or giving commands through talking is much more effortless than having to fill out a document or typing those words into your devices. Today’s speech-to-text software can recognize speech with more than 97% accuracy. Imagine how much that can simplify the work of a technician out in the field, working manually. With voice control, there is no need to stop what he’s doing just to type in the information on his device. He can enter the data via voice control while performing the task at hand.
  • A real timesaver: You can enter data right after a meeting without having to lift your hand to start typing. You can talk freely, so you can make sure you don’t miss any details and nuances. This shift from manual data entry can save you a ton of time since we talk much faster than we write. We dictate approximately 3 times faster than we are able to type. In terms of word count, that means we can type in approx. 40 words per minute, while easily speak 100-150 words in the same amount of time.
  • Increased operational efficiency: by saving time, voice technology allows you to spend more time on other aspects of your work – such as visiting clients or processing orders. Also, if you like to multitask, you can do it since your hands are free to do other things while talking. Many business processes that normally require manual input can be streamlined via voice control. Even e-mails can be sent using voice commands.
  • Improved data entry & analysis: when combined with AI, voice technology has the power to significantly improve data quality, accuracy, and relevance. The more reliable data you have, the better insights you get. And in turn, you can make ever more informed decisions.

Still untapped opportunity for businesses

Voice technology simplifies business processes and work. With voice control, employees in the field can enter data straight away while performing a task, feeding the back office with real-time information. This can take efficiency to a whole new level.
To illustrate this with an example, let’s say a field worker needs to repair a robotic arm at a manufacturing plant. Resco Inspections with its voice control can be of great help in this situation. The inspector can dictate every detail of the inspected item while performing a repair, making sure that even the slightest details and nuances are captured. Without voice control, he would need to stop the work several times to free his hands, if he’d want to fill out the service form immediately.
And this is just one of the countless scenarios. Workers can not only enter data smoothly but can also access and view it effortlessly. For example, if our technician wants to check something in the robot’s manual, he can just ask the Inspections app, which will look it up and read out the details in a matter of seconds.

Voice control & business systems: a powerful partnership

When it comes to business systems, voice control can make it easier for the sales staff to update, notify, and message their teams about important customer-related data. It speeds up the information flow, providing the back office with the latest updates.
The above-mentioned plethora of benefits was the driving force behind incorporating Voice Control into Resco’s products. Resco Mobile CRM, Inspections, and Routes lets users access and add data on the go, even with voice commands. And we are continually expanding their voice-control possibilities.

Get started with voice control today

Give voice control a try! In order to get started, download Resco Mobile CRM, Inspections, or Routes, from Google Play, App Store, and Windows Store. And don’t forget to check out our how-to guides for Resco’s Voice Control capabilities here (text) and here (video).