Video: See the upcoming Resco Inspections Designer in action

Inspections are one of the most common work assignments for mobile workers. So what if you need an effective solution that would enable you to simply design, schedule and complete questionnaires?
That’s why we created Resco Inspections – a new set of tools that will enable you to manage the entire process of creating, assigning, completing and evaluating field inspections.
Let’s now take a closer look at how you can effectively start building inspection questionnaires.
To streamline the inspection questionnaire creation, we developed the Inspections Designer as part of the solutionThis web-based tool enables users to build questionnaires in a data-driven UI. It utilizes a per-record architecture (not per-entity), so you don’t need to work with system metadata when creating questionnaire forms – no need to have an administrator access privileges and mess around with potentially risky data schema changes.
Instead, even a tech-savvy manager can set up one-of-a-kind questionnaires with a wide variety of available question types: Inspectors can be asked to fill out checkboxes, select from picklists, scan barcodes, take and edit photos, and much more.
You can also set up custom logic for your questionnaires, utilizing the broad palette of questionnaire form rules. If you need to set up a logic that goes beyond what’s available via rules, you can do so by programming it in JavaScript. Once the questionnaire is set up, you can instantly make it available in a mobile app for your inspectors.
Check out how Resco’s brand-new Inspection Designer will work in the video below:

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