Try Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM (for free)


Every now and then we get the question: “Is it possible to get a trial of Resco Mobile CRM so we can test it out?”
Our answer: “Absolutely!”
We offer free trials because we are convinced you will love the product once you test it out.

Try out Resco Mobile CRM application

You can find the Resco Mobile CRM app on any store: App store for iPhone/iPad, Google Play for Android tablets and phones, and Windows Store. There’s even a Windows desktop app which you can download here in case you don’t have a tablet/phone for testing purposes. (Why do we have a desktop client? – that’s a whole nother story)
Back to the core: You can download this application from stores. Use the links above or simply search for “Resco Mobile CRM” on your phone or tablet.
Congrats. You’ve just downloaded the free & unlimited version of Resco Mobile CRM. Don’t be fooled by the sample data – they’re there for those who don’t yet have a Dynamics CRM server or those who prefer sample data for testing (no worry about messing something up).
Now what?

Connect the application to your server

Insert your URL, user name and password to connect to the server.
There are slight differences when it comes to online and on-premise installments, but I don’t want to bore you with details – if you do run across any issues, this synchronization guide will help you out.
Now, if you don’t have a Dynamics 365/CRM server yet, you can register for a free online trial of MS Dynamics 365/CRM here.
What’s important to note here is:
There’s no middleware you would need to install (or wait to be installed by someone).
There’s no activation key you would need to wait for.
There’s no exchange of credit card details or email contact happening.
You will see your actual data. You can work with the app and any changes to the data will be shown on the server. You can install the app on other mobile devices and use them all simultaneously.
Again, this is a free and unlimited version of Resco Mobile CRM app.
Get it, use it, love it.

What if the free version of Resco Mobile CRM is not enough?

I got you. You have made alternations to the Dynamics CRM server (maybe not yourself) and there are things on there that are not in the app. How come?
Here’s the deal:
The free version of the app comes as it is in its default state. That means there are pre-defined entities shown on the list, pre-defined views, filters and functionality as a whole.
Learn what’s included in the free version of Resco Mobile CRM here
Then there is the (customizable) professional version of Resco Mobile CRM
And there’s also a free trial of it!
For any customization/alternations of the free app, you will need Woodford.
If you are a system admin, go and continue reading. If you’re not, this is the end of the road for you. But not all is lost! Send a link to this blog to your system admin so he/she can help you proceed with the evaluation.

Try out the customizing tool Woodford

“I want to find out how easy it is to set up my own solution using Resco and I want to find out how a custom solution will interact with the business rules within Dynamics CRM.”
The tool for customizing the app (Woodford) can be downloaded here – there’s a 30-day trial version of it, which starts after you publish your first project. So there should be plenty of time to try the solution in-house.
The free Woodford trial entitles you to:

  • test the full functionality of Woodford
  • 30 days of trial for unlimited amount of users (the whole company can do a test run, yay!)

With Woodford, you can change the views, forms, add custom entities, turn on additional features such as SharePoint, business process flows, Exchange server integration… I really can’t list all the things you can do with it. There’s is just too much of it (almost 200 pages of it in the Woodford guide).
This quick guide will be a good help to get you started with Woodford.

Get in touch with Resco

We answer all emails, so if you cannot connect the app to your server, if you’re not sure how to accomplish something in Woodford, if you’re unsure as to what to do next, contact us. We won’t bite! And we’re genuinely happy to help.
We also do web demos for those interested in a presentation before they go in and give it a try on their own – this offer is on the table for you as well. Just fill in the “Get in touch” form on our website – that’s the quickest way to connect with us for the first time.