How to use Resco CRM, part 5 – Top 5 time-saving features

This is the fifth article in the series of blog posts that aim to introduce you to Resco CRM, its simple usage and benefits it embodies.
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Previously we described describing how to use Resco CRM most efficiently thanks to email integration. Today, we will carry on the with the topic.
We decided to reveal top 5 features of Resco CRM we believe are the biggest time-savers:

1.     Exchange and Gmail integration

email integration
When two become one. Consider your email and CRM system one simple solution to help you improve sales tracking and manage everything in one place.
How much time will you save?
Count the number of extra clicks you’d have to do while constantly switching between multiple browser tabs (Resco CRM, Gmail, and Exchange). Multiply it with the seconds it takes. It simply is time wasted. Not even talking about the struggle to get organized with that many tools. Picture how many times you normally copy-paste. With Email in your CRM, it would came down to a minimum. Discover more about email integration from this Infographic.

2.     Reports

report - invoice
Reports are one of the most valuable abilities of a CRM system. Not only because they turn data into information, but also because they help have you track your metrics better.
Is it time efficient?
Once you set a report associated with a specific deal, you can access it directly when you are working with the deal immediately. No need to look for it all over the CRM system. Want to know how to create reports, include them in the menu and manage them as a pro? Read this article.

3.     Business logic

business logic
This almighty feature lets Resco CRM send an automatic email to your salesmen once a new lead was created.  But that is just one example. Business logic allows you to automate your business processes, in other words: it does work for you.
What are the examples of business logic saving time?
Form rules can dynamically modify or validate forms, depending on value or input. For instance – the delivery address can be already pre-filled when you are creating an order for an existing customer, or new fields can appear when you check the ‘yes’ option on one box. This blog post explains all you need to know about the Form rules.

4.     Route planning

route planning
One of the newly added features to the mobile client. You can plan your activities for the day on a map, which shows the route between selected locations as well as the travel time needed for each transfer. Once you select the start and end point — be it the office, home or other location, you can add customer visits onto the schedule.
The app then calculates the distance and driving time between each visit, so you can see if there’s a smarter way to arrange visits and eliminate waiting periods.

5.     Best price

Although Resco CRM is a full blown solution providing all the standard CRM functionality including cross-platform mobile apps, its pricing is convenient also for companies with limited budget. It can be used on premise or on cloud with a monthly subscription.
For more info about pricing go to
In this fast paced world, who has the TIME to throw money out of the window, right? 🙂
  Do you find your time too precious to be wasted? Spend it right and sign up for a free trial! It takes only a few seconds.
Or drop as an email at and we’ll tell you more about all the smart features of Resco CRM.

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