The Best of 2016: The Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts


2016 was full of new stories, innovations, changes, and surprises. This challenging year has almost finished and we have to proudly announce that it was a powerful year for Resco. Each company sets certain targets since the very beginning of every year. However, sometimes, this journey does not go as smoothly as expected. Nevertheless, we can say that Resco had a prosperous year all the way through from January until December. Here are some of the most important moments Resco experienced in 2016:

  • Resco’s acquisition of CWR’s mobile CRM activities in February: After the acquisition of the CWR’s mobile CRM line of business, Resco’s number of corporate customers have increased to more than 1,500 and the amount of the licensed users has climbed up to over 70,000.
  • next conference: building up on the last year’s success, we continued on with a new tradition of creating our own conference that has been relocated to Philadelphia and Munich
  • Resco’s articles: a helpful guide that gathered together 67 info-packed blogs

To get a clear idea of what’s happening “behind the scenes” at Resco, where our roadmap is headed, we like to document and always share with you what we are currently up to. Transparency is the key when encouraging social engagement with our customers and partners. In our blogs, we don’t always cover the information about our products only, we also follow the latest trends in the various fields from sales to newest technology trends. The posts also serve as a helpful guide for everyone who wants to get a deep dive into a particular topic such as concrete features of Resco Mobile CRM.
We have gathered a list of the 10 best, most viewed Resco blog posts of 2016. Are you curious whether your favorite blog post made it to the list?

10. Resco’s Roadmap: Offline for All

It was not that long ago when we announced the Resco Mobile CRM Roadmap for 2016. It contained everything related to our flagship product, technology and company strategy, ranging from technology improvements and product new features to Resco’s future plans. What’s more, are the most valuable aspects of the Roadmap that were made with the requests from our partners and customers in mind. And what is our aim – offline capability for all.

9. What’s new at resco.next this year?

We, at Resco are happy, when our peers are aware of what’s new in the world of mobile CRM in advance. This is why organizing our very own conference for CRM enthusiasts has become an annual & popular thing. The reason why we chose attractive destinations for our conferences is that we would love to provide an added benefit to our attendees. Just take a break from “work” and explore the secrets of these cities. We listened to the feedback from our attendees, and did our best to make resco.next even bigger and better this time.

8. Diary of a Sales Rep: 5 Complaints about CRM Systems

What are the common issues that sales reps (and other users) encounter when working with CRM systems? The five issues with a CRM system we mention in our post often seem to cause difficulties when adopting to a CRM system and stand in the way of getting to know the real benefits of an implemented system at its best. However, the right CRM solution can make lives of sales reps easier, and their goals faster to accomplish. Our advice helps you solve this obstacle & shows you the true benefits of what CRM systems are capable of.

7. Ready for what’s to come? MS Dynamics CRM Spring Wave 2016 update

A new release of Microsoft Dynamics came up with new goals to accomplish the mission Microsoft claims to have with its CRM solution. Microsoft’s objectives are way beyond maximizing effectiveness and customer satisfaction. An extra aspect such as community engagement, intelligence and mobility were strengthening as well.

6. Capturing a signature in Resco Mobile CRM

There is no doubt that Resco Mobile CRM can simplify the life of every mobile worker. A very useful feature for field workers is a digital signature. It greatly assists when performing inspections, routine orders, deliveries, or when verifying a completed service task. You can do it in a blink of an eye via the Resco Mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, because it fully supports signatures. Just use your finger or a stylus pen if you prefer, and ink your signature on to the touchscreen. How does it all work? You can find out in this article.

5. CRM Server Comparison: Resco vs. MS Dynamics CRM

Discover the main differences between both solution and their advantages. Explore why you can consider Resco CRM a fitting ‘go-to’ tool for your business?

4.Phone call tracking in Resco Mobile CRM

Each year, Resco deploys new features to be available for various business activities. Resco’s Mobile CRM client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and any other back-end system, is full of handy tools that can help you boost your daily productivity. Learn how to make a call from the Resco Mobile CRM application.

3. Resco vs. MoCA

In April 2016, Resco’s CEO Radomir Vozar, wrote a great piece about where does MoCa (a mobile solution) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM stand opposed to Resco Mobile CRM, based on true facts. Therefore, it is not surprising that this post ended up third among your favorite blog posts in 2016. Resco’s full functionality is the number one key which distinguishes both mentioned solutions. Resco Mobile CRM lets you experience the solution to the fullest, no matter where you are – even in a completely disconnected scenario.

2. Best CRM and CX Conferences & Events – Americas and Europe #2016

The second most popular post and a very hot topic is the summary of events to look forward to – conferences & events in 2016. We consider them extremely important when it comes to the company’s social interaction with its partners and customer and any new potential onlookers. These kinds of events make for an exclusive chance to enrich business knowledge, share ideas among like-minded IT enthusiasts, and get a face-to-face feedback from your peers.

1. Work with documents in Resco Mobile CRM

And the winner post looks at the tips & tricks that can help you handle documents within Resco Mobile CRM. Having access to your documents at all times is extremely useful. So, let’s see what you can do with documents in Resco Mobile CRM step-by-step.

Our goal at Resco is to give you first-class experience with our product and company every single year. We believe, keeping you always up-to-date and satisfied with our products & services is the key, because excellent customer experience is main concern.
Cheers to every one of our customers and partners. Thank you for reading, and following our articles. Especially, a big thank you to our customers for their patronage throughout the year.