Time Shift: The past, present, and future for effective planning

There’s no crystal ball just yet. But for the Resco Route Planner, we are working on a feature that will allow you to travel through past, present and future, so you can bring unmatched efficiency and clarity into planning your field staff’s activities: Time Shift.
The Route Planner will allow companies to work with their business data visualized on a map and take action based on real-time information. Managers will see their team’s the current position, planned tasks and routes, as well as up-to-date statuses of all their activities. Workers in the field have their own dedicated mobile app in which they receive and complete work orders.
The solution will also provide managers even more insight into a team member’s itinerary – such as related accounts, contacts, appointments, opportunities, quotes, orders more. And finally, Time Shift will enable them to easily move in time and review how their team has worked throughout the day.
Moving the Time Shift slider left will enable to review the past location and activities of the field staff. Switch to the real-time view to see the current state of things. Dragging the slider to the right will display the team members’ plans for the upcoming assignments.
Further down the road we would like to also look into performance forecasts based on current data as well as data collected from previous tasks. The solution already utilizes speed and directions data and we’re looking to incorporate also traffic and weather information. To help foresee possible issues and create ever more accurate plans. And currently, we are also working to further improve the solution’s territory management – to provide not only clearer visualization of territories, but also advanced filtering options.
The Route Planner should be available in the second half of 2019 and you’ll be able to integrate it natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce. API for integration with other 3rd party systems will be available as well. You can find out more information and request a preview at www.resco.net/products/route-planner.

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