The Winter Update of Resco Mobile CRM is out. So what’s in it for you?


As usual, we are bringing you couple of new, chic features. Find the one (or more) you can put to good use.

Grouping of objects

What is it? Entities in Home Form can be grouped into different folders.
You can, for example, create a folder for records and views you use most often; managers can create separate folders for different types of employees, and so on.
What is it good for?  Well, it’s pretty much the same as having the documents on your PC divided into different folders – it helps you keep organized.

Modify associated tabs

What is it? You can rename and change images of associated tabs.
For example, you can have two contact tabs for an account; one for sales contacts and the other one for technical staff. Or one view of all related quotes vs. just the ones you take care of.
What is it good for?  Until now, if you had 2 associated tabs of the same entity, their names and icons would be the same. This was naturally a bit confusing. Now, this has changed.

Reminders for custom entities

What is it? You can select which records should trigger device alerts at a certain time.
What is it good for?  Keeps you notified on things you want to be notified about.

iOS 7 Design

What is it? We have redesigned the interface of iOS 7 application. New system animations and graphic elements have been implemented, so now the look and feel of the app reflects the characteristics of the new platform.
What is it good for?  Apart from looking dashing, it’s all about the user experience.

Synchronization precautions

What is it? App will not close opportunity, quote, sales order or invoice, if details were not synced successfully.
What is it good for? Prevents errors. Useful!

Improved Calendar on Windows RT

What is it?  You can tap to create and drag&drop to re-schedule activities in the calendar.
What is it good for? It’s faster, nicer, simpler… just better.

Configurable automatic Sync

What is it? Decide how often the app should perform background synchronization (every 5 minutes, half an hour, 2 hours,…)
What is it good for? You don’t need to think about synchronizing anymore, it can be done automatically for you.
That’s all for now. Hope you’ll enjoy these new features, as well as the previously existing ones.
Stay tuned for more!