The Story of Rapidly Deployed Questionnaires

Have you heard of ‘Beaver Sawmills’?
It is a completely made up company with a story that is very real.
Beaver Sawmills produces some of the best wood in Sweden and employs over 500 people doing so. Now, Beaver Sawmills uses bits of paper for everything – from Sale to Delivery to Inspections. They have 100’s of clipboards and dozens of printers just to manage the constant stream of paperwork.
Here are some of Beaver Sawmills employees
Paul – works in the machining room, he is responsible for inspecting the machines, machining timber, reporting damages and maintaining the equipment.
Charlotte – the Sawmill Manager, she overlooks all the sales, deliveries, lumberjacking and site inspections.
James – oversees traveling around Europe buying wood for use in the sawmill. He travels in rural locations buying the best wood for Beaver Sawmills.
Currently, they do everything with their clipboards and pens sharing information only when they are in the office together.
Knowing this is not the future, Charlotte, the Sawmill manager invested in Salesforce which helped all their office staff get connected but there were many gaps.
Paul has no internet in the machining room, well, nor does James or Charlotte when she is visiting sites and they need some extra functionality that just isn’t available in Salesforce.
Well, there is no need to panic, because Resco is here to save the day.
Using Resco – machines using Resco Inspections, Checks the saw blade alignment using some custom code embedded straight into the Resco app and reports any damages using the Salesforce objects that Charlotte created.

Questionnaires & Reports as a part of Salesforce Experience

Resco’s customers claim, it is possible to integrate Resco to Salesforce environment within a week. (Source Gulp case study). All Charlotte had to do was to get Inspections Lightning Apps Package on AppExchange. Not much changes in her daily life. Now, when she opens Salesforce, she can create questionnaires for Paul to inspect the machines, and report damages in real-time with data she needs to see.
Internet or no internet, Paul’s day is uninterrupted and as his day ends, he goes back to the office to change his clothes and his tablet syncs all the data back to the cloud…. not magic…Resco
And it’s not just Paul who is happy, James travels all of Europe, in and out of mobile reception but with access to all his Salesforce data. He knows exactly what he paid for his last pallet of wood without having to carry heavy folders of paper with him. He can even sign the contract and run a report in the middle of a forest. Once he hits save, everyone in the office knows that James has just made a great purchase.
Charlotte is over the moon with her Resco/Salesforce integration. No matter what device she is on or where she is, she can see the current status of her purchasers, delivery drivers, salespeople and machinists.
She is connected to the business even when she isn’t actually connected.
No matter where she is, she can run offline reports and thanks to the ability to add custom code she can pull data from many sources straight into her Resco Mobile App.
You too can be as happy as our friend at Beaver Sawmills! Let us help you make your own story. Drop me a line at

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