The origin of CRMGlass

We got our hands on our first Google Glass at the beginning of this year. And although the device was targeted to the consumer market at that time, we recognized its huge potential for businesses.

Especially in the area of service.

We have investigated this technology for the last couple of months. We’ve examined the tricky hardware, the SDK and existing software. Discussed our thoughts with Gartner analysts to better understand not just the technology, but also the ecosystem around the wearable tech (software developers, companies that are looking into starting pilot projects, users, etc.). We also attended the Augmented World Expo to learn about the emerging trends and about other wearable devices available on the market.

Now, we’re finalizing our new product – the CRMGlass.

The main idea of CRMGlass is for service staff to have both hands ready to perform a task, all while having crucial information from the CRM system in front of their eyes.

We developed a UI with a new way of app navigation – via the Glass frame and voice commands. Then, we developed a designer where the Glass app can be customized. So you will easily be able to define the processes your field workers should follow and tasks they should perform. And the existing API allows you to integrate the whole solution with your CRM.

When you can expect it? The first version will be launched the first week of September 2014.

For now, you can take this short tour to get a better picture of how CRMGlass can work.

Note: We do realize that Glass technology is still not quite there yet and needs some more time to be ready for ‘real’ business. But now is the perfect time to find out whether and how your organization can benefit from it. CRMGlass might just be a way to go for you.

If you want to see how CRMGlass will work for you, get in touch with Michal at
We can start making the future now.

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