18th November, 2021

The list of top 10 free mobile apps (those we actually love to use)

How many apps do you have on our phone?

Well, if you ask me, I have way too many. And so do my colleagues.

Crunching the numbers in our company, the average is 65 apps per phone. (Bear in mind, that’s the average number. A few of my colleagues with 30 to 50 apps dragged the number down. Some numbers went as high as 140 apps!)

Of these apps, 42 are not used at all. That’s almost 65%.

That’s why it’s high time to get some spring cleaning done (I know it’s winter) and

Here are some of the things we’d like to recommend you check out.

Disclaimer: I am purposely leaving out following apps: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Chrome. They occupy the top spots on our app list. However, they are well-known, so telling you about them wouldn’t be much of a news.

In no particular order, here are the mobile applications we recommend:

1. Shazam

Listening to a song you like? But you don’t know what song it is or who is it by? Find out with Shazam. Just one tap lets you identify the song and the artist. You can also get the lyrics, watch a video, explore the artist or directly purchase the song.

It also claims to work for identifying TV shows – haven’t tried that yet, but it sure sounds good.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard is a personalized magazine. It offers you news on topics and people you are interested in, so you’ll have always something to read about. You can also add articles to your collection and can read it later or share it with others.

3. Endomondo

Do you like running? Or cycling? Or fitness? Endomondo let’s you track your workout progress and (if you are into it) share it with others. From basic features like distance and duration tracking to keeping a training diary, it offers what you need in terms of your physical health.

PS, some of us also like Nike Running

4. Google Maps

Surprisingly Google Maps won the battle with Sygic. Google Maps is equally great on a phone as it is on the browser. It offers a map with navigation, street views and all of that goodness. Most importantly, for the daily commuters out there, it shows you the traffic situation on your route and let’s you act accordingly.

5. Pocket

Store articles and blog posts you’d like to read later. Just one click on the Pocket browser add-on and voilà! – the article you are currently viewing is saved to your mobile app. Plus it strips down all unnecessary stuff, so you are left out with a very easy-to-read content.

And, wait for it… it’s stored offline! So you can read it anytime you want.

6. OneNote

OneNote is a simple note-taking app. Write down the thoughts you want to keep or snap photos for inspiration. You can capture your big ideas, create your to-do lists, or just note down a grocery list.

7. WhatsApp

We love messaging. We love messaging for free. WhatsApp let’s you do that. There’s no advertising, no annoying animations, it’s just a good and simple messenger.

Also, as I recently discovered, you can also start group conversations. That just made the discussion with my friends on when & where to meet so much simpler.

8. TED

Browse thousands of exceptional talks. TED is a platform for sharing big ideas. Originally it stands for technology, entertainment and design, but the talks go all over the place now. And that is good. Choose from a wide range of topics, browse playlists or select a type of speech you are currently in mood for. A funny one? Motivational perhaps? Or simply jaw-dropping? The pick is yours.

9. 9gag

It’s fun time! What used to be a private community on the Internet spread out to be a big community (still on the Internet). They’re sharing funny pictures, gifs, but mostly memes. It’s a never-ending load of new, fun stuff.

10. Resco Mobile CRM

Did you really think we would leave this one out? The top productivity app for Dynamics CRM users (made by us) is to be found on every phone and tablet in our office. Each of us uses it. Either for development, testing, or work even. But seriously, it’s good.

It’s high time to revisit the app store, don’t you think?

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