The diminishing distance between consumer and enterprise mobile apps

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“The slate of apps this year brought the perfect mix of business utility and the clean interfaces that you see in the best consumer apps.” Those are the words of Carson Conant, the CEO of Mediafly who was also the chairman of the judging panel in this year’s Tabby Awards (which named Resco Mobile CRM the Best In-the-field Business App for iPad :).
And it got us thinking – are the diminishing differences between consumer and enterprise apps only a one way road? And if not, what are the consumer applications taking from the other side?

The past

From the traditional point of view, consumer applications are perceived as a solution that allows users to act independently and handle appealing and/or entertaining content, regardless the circumstances. These do not need to focus necessarily on efficiency gains.
On the other hand, enterprise apps’ primary target is to optimize the business processes and increase efficiency, which in turn translates into growing revenue. And mobile technology without a doubt lends a powerful helping hand. It can simplify and speed up data and document collection and processing, enable immediate reactions to the latest developments in real-time or an ever faster evaluation of business results.

The present

However, the once clearly defined line between consumer and enterprise mobile apps continues to blur because the enterprise and consumer users have both greater knowledge about, and higher expectations from, the mobile applications they use.
After all, enterprise app users are also consumers in their off time. Therefore, it’s only natural that over time they learned to expect the bells and whistles – such as clean, attractive user interface – within their enterprise apps as well.
And vice versa. Today’s state-of-the-art consumer applications integrate with business solutions, which makes the interaction between the consumer and the app’s provider even more direct. Information from strictly enterprise solutions (CRM or ERP systems) can be presented within a mobile app in an intelligible, consumer-friendly way. And the data from consumers is transmitted directly to businesses and can be put in use even faster.

Where does Resco fit in the picture?

With the ever-shrinking gap between enterprise and consumer apps and the Mobile CRM’s high level of customizability, we’ve realized our customers can also leverage it to provide consumer apps integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We call this solution Resco Mobile Apps.
The capabilities of the Woodford customizing tool allow to completely transform the standard Mobile CRM app to a fully customized consumer mobile app and bidirectionally share information with customers, partners, volunteers, citizens or any other external stakeholders. Whether you want them to see product details and special promotional offers, create orders, or to facilitate mutual communication.
So why not do it on the same platform you already love using?

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