The Big 2013 Retrospective Part 1 – New Features

The end of 2013 is slowly but surely approaching. It’s the perfect time to look back at what has changed over the past year.
This first part of Resco MobileCRM 2013 Retrospective focuses on new features that made their way into the solution. I think you would agree, when I say that the sheer number of them shows just how much we care about improving Mobile CRM.
New Usage Options:

  • Registered User type of authentication – app for business partners, suppliers, agents
  • Reveal CRM data for anonymous users – a great new marketing tool for customers

New Platforms:

  • iOS 7 compatibility & design
  • Windows 8.1 support


  • Configurable application, chart and calendar colors
  • Changeable icons, buttons and images
  • Editable ‘About section’ of the app
  • Style Editor – position, alignment, font size,…


  • Remote lock of the application
  • Remote wipe-out of data from app in case device gets stolen or misused
  • Multiple security policies, for different groups of devices
  • Session timeout – rule that will lock the application automatically after X minutes of inactivity
  • Password validation – locks the app or wipes out data after a number of incorrect password entry attempts, or when there is no contact to the CRM server


  • Significant upload speed increase (4x-10x)
  • Precautions – app will not close opportunity, quote, sales order or invoice, if details were not synced successfully
  • Configurable automatic Sync every X minutes


  • Call through Skype, Facetime, or another provider
  • Record Audio/Video for Android
  • Signatures: multiple signature tabs, save signature as PNG file
  • Barcode scanner: fill in text field from a barcode


  • Offline iFrame – access to a particular website and its full content in an offline mode
  • Access data from app (fields, entity properties, barcode scanner, localization,…) from iFrame via JavaScript

Dashboard, Maps, Charts:

  • Switchable views for dashboard
  • Dashboards also available on smartphones
  • Custom entities and views; configurable pins on maps
  • Chart drilldown – detailed information within a chart, configurable colors


  • Drag & drop scheduling; select activities to show; configurable colors


  • Flip list view to chart or map; custom views in app via ‘Advanced Find’

Business Logic:

  • Customize form commands – remove standard commands, add custom commands, etc.
  • Support of “Equals current user’s team” filter operator
  • Custom status code support for closing Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice
  • LoadEntity (load parent entity) for form rules — handles parent entity fields as variables
  • Filter option set picklist according to other field’s value
  • Search in rule editor


  • Geocoding: translate addresses into GPS coordinates and vice versa
  • Use of GPS position from an associated entity
  • GPS tracking – set minimum interval and distance, in which the GPS position should be saved


  • Track when, how & where mobile users use the application
  • Show statistics about audited records


  • Email attachments support
  • Reminders for custom entities — users can select which records should trigger device notifications at a certain time
  • Strengthening entity permissions (e.g. make entity read only on device)
  • Grouping of objects in Home Form
  • Connection Entity support
  • Custom SQL Index Editor — speeds up the search

There’s no way I could list all the features that have been implemented this year. Firstly, this blog is already too long as it is. And secondly, no one would have the time to go through that much. Sorry for that.
Stay tuned for Part 2, in which we’ll take a closer look at the changes in our partner and customer base.

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