The benefits of integrating a digital permit-to-work checklist into your operations

technician holding tablet during work, work-to-permit checklist

In times of great need, people always look to specialists for comfort and hope. People want to know that there is an experienced individual out there, capable of solving all the issues that plague us.

And although we could apply that sentiment to the entire world right now, today, we’ll focus on the little microcosms all around us – companies, factories, and power plants.

Paper vs digital forms

You see, clients seeking specialized workers are not unlike the people we described above.
They look to you, the person sourcing their experts, for safety and knowing that their equipment is in the right hands.

And for you to be able to provide that security in high-risk environments, you need to equip your contracted inspectors and technicians with proper authorization or a permit-to-work (PTW).

But lanyards and identification papers are no longer a great solution. Not only are they far from the most hygienic of answers to this issue, but they also tax the planet significantly and waste your time.

To work effectively in this modern, post-covid world, you need some better. Something that will boost your and your clients’ productivity and improve the effectiveness of your process control.

The power of digital permit-to-work checklist

Luckily, we have just the thing for you. At Resco, we take pride in providing digital, paperless solutions for all your administrative needs. And today, you can experience the convenience of our Digital Permit-to-Work entirely for free!

The average digital PTW confirms your workers’ aptitude for the job, is easy to verify, requires no physical contact, and saves paper. But our Digital PTW checklist can do so much more than that!

With it, you can ensure that the Permit Holder understands all possible hazards and necessary controls to carry out their work safely and effectively, knows what to do in the event of an emergency, and knows how to perform the LOTO procedure, to just name a few.

Resco’s Digital Permit-to-Work is easy to tweak and customize to suit your company’s and workers’ specific needs, thanks to its modular nature.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our site, click download, and take your administration into the digital sphere today!