Taking Inspections to the slopes

Over the last 5 years, the annual Resco company ski trip took place each February.
However, in 2020 we added a little twist to our visit to the Austrian Alps.
This time, all participants have been equipped with a special customization of our Resco Inspections app to find the answer to an eternal question: Is it better to go drinking beer skiing in Austria or Slovakia (Resco’s home country)?😊
With the app installed, we were inspecting restaurants, bars, and pubs whenever a pitstop was required to replenish our energy before another go on the ski slopes.
Customized to dark grey (in stark contrast with the white snow), the Resco Inspections app enabled us to thoroughly review any local establishment. From the quality and prices of their meals and drinks, to the overall service, atmosphere and rating.
ski_trip_inspections2   ski_trip_inspections1
It also enabled us to immediately attach photo evidence and a digital signatures to sign off on each inspection, with a PDF report generated instantly.
ski_trip_inspections4   ski_trip_inspections3
Ultimately, over 4 days we’ve completed 64 inspections. However, we found the results to be still a little inconclusive to fully answer our question above.
And that means only one thing. Next year, we need go for yet another ski trip and complete our research😊

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