Summer Update 2021 preview: evolved Inspections, new workforce knowledge software, and AI route planning


Resco’s Summer Update 2021 will arrive at the end of June. Anywhere else, it is almost the silly season, but here at Resco, we have some seriously exciting new updates! Let’s look at what’s in the store for the latest release.

Expanding Inspections with incident management & maintenance capabilities

We are preparing new functionalities for Resco Inspections, taking the solution’s capabilities to the next level. These additions will focus primarily on incorporating incident management and corrective and preventive asset maintenance.

Fast incident management with the freshest updates

When it comes to unprecedented situations, the ability to react promptly is crucial. Therefore, one of the significant upcoming changes is the new mechanism handling notifications which allows you to respond immediately. Notifications can be displayed as configurable badges for every item in the main menu of our app. This can be, for example, a badge that will appear on the Cases item, signaling that an incident has been submitted.

Another brand-new feature is auto-refresh, a functionality that keeps all necessary information on Lists, Views, and Boards up to date. As a configurable feature, it is possible to set up how often will your chosen lists automatically refresh. Every 5 seconds, or every ten minutes? The choice is yours.

Upgraded scheduling and streamlined asset maintenance

Proper scheduling and preventive measures are a significant part of any inspection and maintenance. With the Summer update, you can set up maintenance plans with recurrence. It is typical for service contracts to state how often a contracted item should be inspected – precisely what Resco’s new recurrency setting feature will facilitate. You can set up maintenance plan recurrency on a monthly, weekly, daily, or yearly basis.

Furthermore, this will be complemented by the ability to display the time any technician will spend on the road, traveling from one location to another. This way, the schedule won’t get overbooked, which improves your customer service and allows the workforce to fully focus on their tasks – without stressing whether they’ll make it to the next appointment in time.

Workforce knowledge software

Remote collaboration is all the rage now in the post-pandemic world. Together with digitalized work instructions, it is what drives many organizations to higher efficiency and productivity and leaner operations overall.

Supercharged by AR, soon you will be able to enjoy the advantages of this stellar combination – using workforce knowledge software that allows workers to solve any issue at hand fast and safely. Pulling together all the necessary know-how and empowering workers to actively learn on the job and carry out tasks autonomously.

Ran into a challenging task or an emergency? The workforce can then contact a seasoned professional just with a few taps on the screen. The expert can lead technicians through the work, down to a single movement, and draw instructions right into their view. This ensures that tasks will be completed on the first try and with absolute precision. All that and more coming in just a few days!

Personal (work)travel agent in your pocket

What’s smarter than automated route planning? Automated route planning with AI – coming to all Resco apps this summer!

When AI Routes is enabled, the optimization algorithm will make sure, appointments will not be planned outside opening hours of accounts and contacts. Furthermore, users can also mark appointments as fixed and after the optimization is completed, fixed appointments will stay in their original time slot.

And there’s much more on the way.

Want to experience Resco’s Summer Update early?

We’re developing these and many other great upgrades for our Summer Update 2021 – and we’d like you to see them first.

Join our exclusive beta-testing community and you’ll always get the first look at each new Resco release before it’s offered to the general public. You’ll be able to try out new features, tell us what works the best for you, and suggest where we can improve.

The first beta of the Summer Update will arrive in just a few days. If you sign up for beta testing (or have already signed up in the past) you will receive an email notification immediately after it becomes available.

Please note that the features and images above are development previews and can be subject to change in the final product release.