Learn, practice, deploy: a summary of our latest online trainings


Do you know that amazing feeling when you finally find the right tool for your business? With the functionality that’s perfectly suited to your needs? Isn’t it a great feeling when you realize that something that used to take hours can be done with just a few clicks? That’s truly priceless.  
Thmain aim of our online trainings in May was to show you the exact step-by-step instructions on how to get to that point – where hours become minutes. 
The key slogan of these trainings was equality  it doesn’t matter if you are a CRM consultant, a System Administrator, a Business Consultant or a Solution Architect. It doesn’t matter which backend you’re working with. These trainings are here to serve everyone. We covered all the practical, easily applicable tips & tricks that can save you time, effort, and resources.  
These topics have been in high demand by our partners and we did our best to answer all their burning questions. Let’s have a look at the trainings one by one: 

Field Service 2.0  

In this training, we demonstrated how to dovetail Resco into your Field Service strategy.Even going beyond traditional use cases by combining Inspections, Routes, and Innovation. We talked about Microsoft’s new Field Service Mobile Client. We created a new app project with you in Woodfor– including everything from enabling/disabling entities to customizing UX/UI by adding logos, changing themes, and adjusting forms and views.  
To provide even more food for thought, we demonstrated a few scenarios where, based on our research, wearables will be a must in the future. 

Mobile Reports 

After a short intro to theory we jumped straight to the practical part and built our own customized mobile report from scratch – including supported document file types, specific report elements (header, footer, body, grids, fetches, etc.), variable types and uses. We paid special attention to UI as well. And finally, since no report would be complete without a signaturewe covered that at the end of the session too.  

Inspections for Industry Verticals 

You may have already heard about our new product – more than a year of collecting feedbacks, discussions, and reports turned into a perfect fit forthe manufacturing, energy, property maintenance, and various other industries. However, if you haven’t heard about our predefined questionnaire templates, chances are that youre about to experience that great feeling we described at the beginning of this post. Save TONS of time and money by customizing with just a few clicks.  

Some of the most requested questions we answered in the trainings were: 

  • Can you access related SharePoint documents from entities?(Field Service 2.0) 
  • Is the Resco app on smartwatches only available for Resco Inspections? (Field Service 2.0) 
  • Can you configure mobile reports for the standard Resco Mobile CRM client as well?(Field Service 2.0) 
  • Can the field be linked with a text string? (Mobile Reports) 
  • In the Text binding, can we add dynamic texts like {{incident.name}}? (Mobile Reports) 
  • Can images captured from the app be loaded in the report?(Mobile Reports) 
  • Can one inspector have multiple templates under one license?(Inspections for Industry Verticals) 


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