Stand out from the crowd: Customize your app’s user interface with Resco plugin for Adobe XD

How your app looks and feels to users is – together with its usefulness – the deciding factor whether they keep returning to it continuously and can significantly boost user adoption.
If you ever wanted to quickly prepare a visualization and preview any Resco-based app, or simply check how your Woodford customizations will look across various devices, we created a new plugin just for that purpose – Resco XD.
Resco XD is a plugin for Adobe XD – a vector-based tool developed and published by Adobe Inc for designing and prototyping user experience for web and mobile apps. Adobe XD is available on Windows and MacOS and the basic variant is free of charge.
The Resco XD plugin comes with pre-designed templates that allow you to quickly:

  • Update images
    Previously, you could view and modify images via Woodford – editing a mobile project and selecting Images from the Project menu. With the new plugin, you can edit your images in Adobe XD and export the results to Woodford. It saves your time, particularly when you need to replace images in bulk.
  • Update themes
    The standard way of modifying themes in Woodford is to select Theme from the Project menu while editing the mobile project. Resco XD allows you to change app colors in Adobe XD, preview the result, and export your theme directly to Woodford.
  • Update icons in marketplaces
    Do you have a custom Resco app published on various marketplaces? If you do, this tool will also make it easier for you to generate icons of all shapes and sizes, and use them when publishing in app stores.

Want to try it out?

Great! A detailed guide on how to install and use the Resco XD plugin can be found here.
Let us know your feedback, thoughts and suggestions by writing to
And if you want to learn more on how to create state-of-the-art user interface for your Resco apps, make sure to join us at 2019 on October 24-25. In dedicated sessions, our UI/UX team will explain how to utilize of the recently introduced themes, take full advantage of Resco XD, and more. Plus, you can let us know what user interface updates you’d like to see implemented first.

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