Spring Update 2022 Preview: These are the features coming in the first release of the year

Spring update 2022 new features on different devices

While Resco’s Spring Update 2022 is still a few weeks away, we will allow you to have a little sneak peek right now. Check out the exciting additions we have in the works and what you might see during the new release.

Go fast forward and explore what’s coming to:

Resco for Dynamics 365 CE

New features for Inspections that improve user experience

As part of the Spring update, Resco Inspections will be getting a few innovations.

It’s natural that customers want to have more control over reporting settings. Thanks to a new feature we are currently working on, you will spend much less time setting up reporting, while still having the same amount of control.

the new feature of resco solutions - report config - available in resco spring update 2022

Instead of having to rewrite the code, you will now be able to set up everything in our improved UI.

Filtering the results of a questionnaire with many records in Inspections can be very time-consuming. Each time the user enters a condition, the query updates and runs automatically. If you have a lot of records and want to set several conditions, this can turn into a long process.

To reduce the wait times and give you more control, we will be introducing a feature that lets you define all the conditions first and then run the query with a simple click of a button. In case you want to use the autorun function, you can still turn it on manually.

Another improvement is the new On Create rule category. To prevent user mistakes, we will be adding a rule category that lets you specify the reuse fetch. Instead of having to choose the item (such as questionnaire or inspection) you want to reuse manually from a list, you can set up specific conditions to fetch you exactly the item you need.


Optimize schedule of work orders with time preferences

A lot of factors come into planning work orders. When can the engineer start to work on the task? Will the facility be open at the time of technician arrival? When will the facility manager be available to guide the worker on-site?

While you can keep these factors in mind for a few work orders, the complexity rise when planning multiple WOs at once. That’s why we will add a new time-preference field to the work order form so you can plan easier.

work order time prefference feature in Resco Schedule Board

The new field will allow you to define time requirements for particular work order outside just a due date. Can the job be performed only next Tuesday from 10 am to 3 pm? You will be able to specify this time preference during work order setup.

When you will be scheduling the WO in Schedule Board later, the time preference will be automatically highlighted in the agenda, so you will immediately see the all available time slots.

Interact with zoomable Floor plans

Floor plans enable technicians in the field to locate assets on new sits or complex facilities. But to be efficient, they need to interact with these maps to get the maximal benefits.

They need to zoom out or zoom in to locate the asset. They need to understand the map legend to know what they are looking at. And also, adding and seeing map tags help technicians to comprehend the necessary information.



And all of these capabilities will be available in the new floor plans functionality of resco.FieldService – zoom out/in, visual legends, and editable tags.

With these new floor plan interaction enhancements, the asset will become easier to find and faster to reach.

Make quick adjustments in Schedule Board

Quarterly releases regularly enhance the user experience of Schedule Board. And the latest Spring Update will add to it again. Scheduling a work order requires some smooth drag-and-drop moves, but work orders can sometimes require a few additional touches.

new schedule board editable tooltip available in spring update 2022

That’s where would quick edit options come in handy. And with the new update, job dispatchers and managers will get precisely that. A revamped tooltip in Schedule Board will have editable fields, so you can quickly change the scheduled time, work status and more. No need to jump between Schedule Board and Work orders settings again.


Enable hassle-free SMS login to Client Portal for your customers and contractors

Client Portal is the go-to hub for your end customers to access documents, service history, request inspections or check everything related to their account in one place.

But for these clients, that often include contractors or suppliers, it might be too much hassle to remember login credentials or even create a new account for the portal. Especially when logging in is one-off action.

Our new sign-in option for Client Portal will resolve this. Organization admins will be able to set an SMS login for their clients and customers, removing the password hassles for them.

External stakeholders like contractors will be able to log in just with their phone number and unique SMS code. That will eliminate the need to remember complex login credentials and make logging in smoother.

Integrate various systems through OData

Integrations enable you to access information from multiple sources and provide a vital way to enhance your enterprise solution. And one of the key protocols that allow the communication of various systems is OData v4.

We extend integration capabilities with systems supporting this protocol to make your service solution even more powerful. You will be able to connect with any platforms supporting OData and map new data fields into the integration with Resco Cloud – DateTime and ENUM.

You will be able to process information about date and time in one field and allow you to share data from a list of values. That enables you to integrate and exchange new data types between connected systems, making it easier to build more capable service solutions with less coding.

Enhanced Resco Cloud and Business Central integration

The upcoming OData improvements also enhance the Resco Cloud and Business Central integration. The default mapping will now offer more flexibility and opportunities with the DateTime and ENUM data fields support.

business central integration in resco spring update 2022

You will get all the benefits of these new mapping options mentioned above, including the ability to share data from a list of values. That enables you to exchange information like job status, asset type, and many other fields that use drop-down menus or combo boxes.


Capabilities expanding to Resco Cloud

In the upcoming release, we are planning to introduce a brand-new module for Resco Cloud – Guides. It will be a perfect solution for those looking to:

  • Train new, inexperienced team members
  • Support workforce when dealing with an infrequent problem or machine
  • Upskill current staff and address knowledge gaps
  • Increase production quality and safety

Guides are helping frontline workers to solve complex equipment problems quickly and efficiently. Due to their strong offline and knowledge capabilities, users receive support at all times, no matter the location.

Digital step-by-step guidance is also valuable in onboarding and training processes. Users can finish tasks successfully and in compliance with the latest regulations – even if they are performing them for the first time.

Moreover, Guides work seamlessly with other Resco modules, so there is no need for your techs to go back and forth between multiple apps. They can, for example, check their schedule, find the quickest route to the facility, and then follow a guide to fix a faulty machine successfully – all in one place.

Our clients and partners will be able to easily integrate Guides with their current solutions in the Resco app soon.

Want to experience Resco Spring Update early?

We’re developing these and many other great upgrades for the upcoming releases – and we’d like you to see them first.

Join our exclusive beta-testing community and you’ll always get the first look at each new Resco capabilities before it’s offered to the general public. You’ll be able to try out new features, tell us what works the best for you, and suggest what to improve.

The first beta of Spring Update 2022 is already available – start here.

Also, save your spot for the upcoming Spring Update webinar to learn more about the new innovations. During the event, our Product team will walk you through the benefits and use case demos of new additions in Resco solutions.

Please note that the features and images above are development previews and can be subject to change in the final product release.