Facilitate Woodford admin operations and enhance user experience across Resco apps with Spring Update 2020


Resco’s Spring Update delivers a pack of major additions to Resco’s Multi-Experience Development Platform.
From the new Form Table designer to enhanced Power BI integration, check out some of the most useful additions below.

Make every inch of the screen count

On mobile devices, the real estate of the screen is limited and vast empty spaces in apps can feel like a waste. Especially for business users, who’d often need to view key information (e.g. contact’s name, address, email, phone, parent account, last visit date & details, etc.) quickly.
That’s why we are introducing a new Form Table designer in Woodford that allows to visually position elements on the screen into highly customized layouts. On form tabs in any Resco app, you can create tables consisting of various form elements (fields). Each row and column’s width can be easily adjusted. Furthermore, each added form element can be flexibly stretched spanning one or multiple cells across rows and columns.
Ultimately, the new Form Table designer enables admins to easily create layouts that take advantage of any screen size and eliminate extensive scrolling for users to access vital information.

Please sign here

From a young age we’re all taught not to sign anything until we’ve properly read the entire document. Whether signing an insurance claim assessment or a simple invoice – people like to see what they sign before they put pen to paper.
Up until now, when mobile reports required a digital signature, it needed to be captured before the final PDF has been created. With the Spring Update, digital signatures can be added after the report has been finalized- a signature pad and (an optional) comment section will be displayed underneath the document.

Streamlined Power BI integration for even more insights

For those utilizing Power BI, Resco has further enhanced its integration with Microsoft’s business intelligence tool.
Previously when accessing Power BI from the Resco app, users needed to enter their Power BI credentials when opening a new iframe displaying a Power BI dashboard. From now on, they can access any number of Power BI iframes within one app session without having to enter their login details repeatedly for each.

Staying up to date with OnChange rule for related record events

A record in the system rarely “lives” on its own. For example, an account provides certain information and usually there are contacts, orders, tasks, or various other records related to it. These related records can be created, modified, or deleted. And these events often need to be reflected on the parent record (account, in our example) – so it can always offer up-to-date details that enable insightful decision making.
Therefore, in the Spring update, we added the possibility to utilize the OnChange rule when changes occur on related records – so that these modifications are immediately reflected on the parent account as well, if required.

What’s New section in Woodford

A new information panel brings news about the latest updates and other useful links directly in the Woodford configuration and app management tool. From now on, never miss a handy new feature, time-saving tips, and easily access the complete Resco documentation, quick guides, to-the-point how-tos, and more.
And these are just a few highlights from our latest release.
You can find the complete overview of all new features from Resco’s Spring Update 2020 here.
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