Smartwatches for business use

Smartwatches have been part of our lives for several years now. Yet, they are still mostly used during leisure activities – doing your favorite sport, exercising, running, hiking, and other movement-related hobbies.
However, today’s smartwatches are more than suitable for countless business use cases as well. And they’ve developed far beyond a mere extension of your smartphone.
Thanks to advanced hardware and software specs combined with multiple sensors, smartwatches can be now effectively utilized across various work-related scenarios. For businesses, they offer significant benefits and major productivity boost. And not just for field workers, who have been the most frequent users of Resco products and solutions. Smartwatches can radically simplify even indoor jobs across industries like manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and many others.
At Resco, we’ve been hard at work to bring the very best of our solutions to smartwatches (and other wearables as well), and we will present the first results at the upcoming conference (Oct 24-25, 2019) in Rome.
Oh, and one more thing: The experience and know-how won’t be the only thing you’ll get to take home from the session. We’ve prepared a special surprise for every conference attendee, making this year’s truly well worth the visit in more than one way.
Make sure you don’t miss it – and with the promotional code RM20193 you can even get 15% off if you register before the end of September.

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