Smartwatch inspections for flawless Salesforce field service

Wearables within enterprise present an opportunity for more efficient, hands-free work. According to ABI Research, by 2022, enterprise device revenue will reach $60 Billion. What are the top use cases where wearables drive value to Salesforce users? 

An inspection with Salesforce  

Imagine your daily job is to inspect boats underwater. The underwater environment can be challenging.  Even the most competent marine engineer faces harsh conditions like tight spaces or limited to zero-visibility. How to check the performance of machinery, work with documentation, and generate reports then? 
Forget pen & paper in such environment. Forget reliable and constant service and connection. Plus, think about this marine engineer that must get actual manual work done. From testing conditions of vessels or cargos to ensuring compliance with various standards (safety, navigation…). Field engineers often takes samplescapture photos or record videos, too 
What if the inspector had an app connected to the same Salesforce Field Service used by the office team? The app running on a smartwatch is a perfect fit. You can control the app predominately through a smartwatch – using voice, touchscreen, watch controls, and more.  Imagine having the primary job device on your wrist As your device no.2, the smartphone comes in handy as well, in case of more complex inputs. For instance, a complicated scheme of how the turbine works is clearer on a tablet/phone screen than on a watch. 


Simply talking is faster than typing. Usage of smartphones or tablets only can slow down or even enable the entire inspecting process. 
Any field team deserves to thrive for excellence, at all conditions. In limited spaces. With no WIFI. Underwater or on the plane. No matter the industry. 
If your company uses Salesforce, you are halfway there. With Resco Inspections App, you can build an inspection form in a Salesforce Lighting app and get it directly to your smartwatch and smartphone. Once you finish the inspection, the results go straight back to your Salesforce Cloud. See how it works! 
You can learn more about advanced functionality, including checklists, dynamic forms, offline reports here. Contact us at   

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