Learn how to attach a signature to the Questionnaire Report (for MS Dynamics and RescoCRM)

Many clients request their questionnaires to be signed upon completion by creating a separate question with a signature field. So it is understandable that they would like to see the corresponding signatures attached to mobile reports as well.
Given that this process is not as straightforward as it could sound, we have prepared this short guide to show the exact steps on how to achieve it.

1. To attach the signature from the completed Questionnaire, ‘Add Image’ option needs to be chosen in a desired cell of the mobile report.
2. Define the Entity as “Note”:
3. To define where the specific Signature Note should come from, you need to add two conditions in the ‘Edit Filter’ window (open it by clicking on the three dots next to the Binding field, while the desired cell is selected)
4. First Condition: ‘Title Equals [question name]’
The correct question name should be taken from the Questionnaire builder, under the related Question where the signature is stored.
From the Questionnaire Builder:
Second condition: ‘Regarding Equals [questionnaire id]’
Choose questionnaire id from the list of variables.
After selecting the required fields and name, the Edit Filter window should show the following structure:
5. At last, run the Mobile Report with the signature attached:

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