See how your business moves: Mobile Audit Analytics arrive in Summer Release of Mobile CRM

If you trust your employees you shouldn’t be tracking their activities – that’s a common argument coming up in many meeting rooms when words like “audit” or “analytics” start to get thrown around too often.
However, auditing (or analytics) is not about the lack of trust. It is about improving your operations, aiming for higher productivity and boosted overall results. After all, how can you get better if you can’t prove where things are breaking down? How can you go from “poor” to “excellent” if you can’t pinpoint where things are not going according to plan? Well, without collecting relevant data you simply cannot.
And that’s why in our Summer Release 2017 we have added new Mobile Audit Analytics capabilities to Resco Mobile CRM with a map overview of user activities available within the application. Leveraging the GPS capabilities of mobile devices, it allows you to see if the reps are indeed visiting the clients and working with the CRM data directly in the field.
Take an FMCG company selling a range of drinks and beverages as an example. Its representatives’ daily job is to visit bars, restaurants, hotels and other establishments in their designated area, to promote and sell the company’s offering. Simply put – to make sure the pub will never run out of guests’ favorite lager.
As reps use the Mobile CRM app to record visits, orders, and other related details, the team leads, supervisors, or managers can track the various types of recorded activity via our brand-new Mobile Audit Analytics tool. They can, for example, see which customers were actually visited over a certain period of time, the inventory that a particular customer is most interested in during these meeting, and further information that can help them form strategic plans and initiate action to improve the company’s all-around performance.
To add this feature to their Mobile CRM, system admins first need to enable auditing in the Woodford configuration tool and then select which entities should be monitored. Multiple actions can be tracked – e.g. creating, updating, deleting of an account. And you can also keep an eye on when a form was just opened or closed for editing (StartEdit and EndEdit), even if the user ultimately did not save the changes made to a particular record.
Directly within the application, managers can then set up custom precision value for tracked records and operations. Then select the time period for which they want to analyze the data (past week, two weeks, month, etc.). The user can also hide the most frequently visited accounts, contacts, etc., but then he/she needs to define the maximum number of visits per record – so the map will display only records that have the specified amount of visits, or less.
Once you’ve applied the settings, Resco Mobile CRM will show a map with records which were modified directly at a customer’s or partner’s location. The heat map layer on the map view makes it easy to get a quick overview of where your business truly happens. And if managers see that a particular client or partner might have been neglected they can immediately work on improvements to respond to the situation.

Try Mobile Audit Analytics and learn more during our webinar

The Summer Release of Resco Mobile CRM is already available on Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store, so existing Resco customers and partners can start utilizing Mobile Audit Analytics right now.
If you’d like to learn more about this and other new features, join us for a free webinar on June 29. Resco’s Senior Developer, Juraj Mojik, will introduce the latest capabilities and show you how to set them up in the Woodford configuration tool.

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