7 best enhancements coming to Salesforce field users with Resco’s Winter Update ‘18


The air is getting colder and the countdown for the Holidays begins. That must mean one thing, Resco’s Winter Update is around the corner.
In case, you missed a full overview of the Winter Release of Resco’s Mobile Business Apps Platform, check out our newest article. This year’s 4th Update brings a handful of enhancements for Salesforce field users, as well. Here they come:

Easy mobile projects creation – with Sales, Field Service, and Inspection templates

All Salesforce users are now able to work with an out-of-the-box Resco app with a pre-defined set of standard objects. There is an option to select from mobile projects when creating a new project in the Woodford configuration tool. Each project is for a case-specific scenario and can be further configured. Get better closure in this blog post about the templates.
salesforce mobile

Metadata update via Woodford is no longer required when adding new users to Salesforce

Admins can create new users and profiles to the Resco app with no need for Woodford metadata update. Changes like this – made within their Salesforce organization are automatically updated in the app as well, saving time to system admins.

Custom Fonts

Admins can now upload custom font libraries into Woodford. You can give your app the look it deserves, with custom objects, custom commands, buttons, icons and now custom fonts too! The app can be set to use these new fonts in fields across list views and forms.

Entity = Object hubs

Hubs combine the records that have something in common. Users can create hubs from standard objects that represent, for instance customers (like Contacts, Accounts and Leads) or group custom objects into one hub. As of the latest release, you can also place each hub you create on a form, as well. It is entirely up to you, how you combine the objects. It all depends on how you use the solution for your business and what makes sense in your case.

Support for Box.com

Box helps organizations to bring scattered files and documents under one roof. It provides a single place to manage, secure, share, and govern the content for company’s internal and external collaboration and processes. Now, it can be integrated with Resco Mobile CRM, or other applications created on Resco’ Mobile Business Apps Platform.
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Signature fields directly from PDF

The app recognizes available DocuSign signature fields directly in PDFs, so users immediately know where signatures are required.

Reporting enhancements to Inspections

Lookup questions can be now filtered by Salesforce ID, an automatic copy of question value to parent questionnaire’s custom field of the same name. This brings a simplified reporting in the Salesforce Einstein Analytics tool to a Salesforce user.
Check out more about Resco’s Inspections.
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