More insights for smarter business decisions: How to integrate Resco Inspections’ Result Viewer with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce


To expand the analytics and evaluation capabilities of Resco Inspections, we’ve introduced a brand-new Result Viewer component in the Summer Update 2019 . It enables users to easily list, filter, view and read completed questionnaires. This allows focusing on any selected answers and effectively explore possible correlations. On top of that, the results can be effortlessly exported in a CSV format for further analysis in third-party tools and systems.
The Result Viewer can be also added directly to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce. So, if there are any completed questionnaires related to a record, they will be displayed on the record’s form, utilizing the Results Viewer layout. All it takes is just a few simple steps.

Adding the Result Viewer to a Dynamics 365 form


  • Dynamics 365/CRM System Administrator/Customizer security role is required
  • Current version of the Woodford configurator must be imported in Dynamics 365
  • Resco Inspections feature must be enabled in Woodford
  • Resco Inspections trial or an active license (Inspector and SuperUser) is obtained

1. First, you must customize the form of the entity from which you would like to access the completed questionnaires. To do so, go to Dynamics 365/CRM, open the top menu and navigate to Settings. In the Customization section select Customizations and click on the Customize the System item. A new window showing the default solution will appear. In the left panel expand the Entities item to display all Dynamics entities. Select an entity and then choose which one of the listed forms you’d like to modify.
2. After the Form Editor opens, click on the Insert tab on the top ribbon. Add a new single column tab into which you will add a Web Resource (located again on the top ribbon).
3. In the Add Web Resource dialog, specify the Inspections web resource as following: resco_MobileCRM/Surveys/index.html
Importantly, you need to set Custom Parameter (data) to “results=1” and tick the checkbox Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters.
As the table displaying completed questionnaires might be bigger than the usual fields, it is also recommended to expand the Number of Rows parameter to at least 20 in the Formatting options of the Web Resource dialog.
4. Now, you can select an entity record of your choice, and if there are any completed questionnaires related to this record, you will see them on the form, utilizing the Results Viewer layout directly in your Dynamics 365/CRM.

Adding the Result Viewer to a Salesforce Lightning Record page

1. The Result Viewer can be also added to a Lightning Record page in Salesforce. In this example, we are creating a new Account page from the Object Manager.
2. Select the ResultsViewerRelated component from the menu on the left and drag & drop it on the page. Do not forget to Activate the page to make it visible for your users.
Now, when opening an Account, you can see completed questionnaires related to this record directly in Salesforce, using the Results Viewer.
And that’s it – to quickly integrate Resco Inspections’ Result Viewer with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, that’s all you need to do.

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